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Posted by February 3rd, 2015

THE THORN OF DENTONHILL coverCongratulations to Book Country member Marshall Ryan Maresca! His debut fantasy novel THE THORN OF DENTONHILL is now on sale! Marshall originally workshopped THE THORN OF DENTONHILL on Book Country which was then picked up by DAW Books. Last week, we asked you to describe your own fantasy world in one sentence for a chance to win one advance copy of THE THORN OF DENTONHILL. Here are a couple of the amazing submissions we received:

Drugara, a vibrant realm lush with rich plant life and towering black trees, threatened by a spreading taint that warps the land into a dark, twisted world of despair and shadow. – Amber Wolfe

The nine Great Nations, while they were all different in customs and political agenda, had one law in common–from Azaria in the north all the way down to Bore they had banned all magic and tech, after Kronus the Conqueror had created the tracers and spent centuries hunting down and destroying every trace of power in the land. – SMRoffey

We are so happy for Marshall! Read what Marshall says about his path to publication below. Continue reading

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Book Country Editor’s Picks for February

Posted by February 2nd, 2015

Book Country Editor's Picks for February

We’ve selected ten new manuscripts to be featured in the Editor’s Picks section on the Read and Review page. Check them out!
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