Agents to Follow on Twitter

Posted by May 19th, 2015

Literary agents are incredibly active and forthcoming on Twitter, sharing advice about querying, breaking into the publishing industry, and building an online author platform.

Follow agents on Twitter to learn what genres agents are searching for and what agents look for in a great manuscript. Some agents even share critiques of manuscripts on Twitter, giving you a first-hand look of how they determine which manuscripts to accept or reject.

Agents to Follow on Twitter

Agents to Follow on Twitter

Agents to Follow on TwitterIn our Ask a Literary Agent blog series, Mary C. Moore talked about the numerous ways authors can promote their manuscripts and participate in the writing community:

For new and experienced authors, following publishing professionals on Twitter is a goldmine of information, from everything about queries (#querytip), agent advice (#askagent), editor and agent manuscript wish lists (#MSWL), pitching opportunities (#PitMad), writing and editing tips (#writetip), publishing advice (#pubtip), genre love and information (#horror #thriller, #romance, #YA, #crime, #fantasy, #scifi, #memoir), and just a general sense of community in the lonely career that is writing (#amwriting, #amediting, #books, #author, #wip, #wordmongering, #NaNoWriMo).

For a list of literary agents to follow on Twitter, subscribe to our Twitter list of agents. Just remember, don’t contact the agent directly on Twitter to submit a manuscript. Always follow the instructions for submitting a manuscript listed on the agent or agency’s main website.

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Have we missed agents you’re following on Twitter? Let us know about them in the comments below, on the discussion boards, or, of course, on Twitter!

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