Book Country Welcomes Authonomy Members

Posted by August 26th, 2015

Narrative_NonFictionWe were saddened to hear about the closure of the Authonomy writing community. Operated by HarperCollins UK since 2008, writers from all over world have really enjoyed using the site and the careers it has launched have been inspiring to watch. According to the Authonomy blog, the site will officially close on September 30, 2015.

Many writers are members of both Book Country and Authonomy. In the past week, we’ve seen even more former “Authonomites” join our ranks, many introducing themselves on this discussion thread started by member Katie O’Rourke (Katie78). It’s been wonderful to meet all these new folks and welcome them into our community!

If you’re an Authonomy member who hasn’t yet joined Book Country, we’d like to take a minute to invite you to check us out. Book Country and Authonomy have some key differences, but we think we could be a great place for Authonomy members to reconnect and keep their conversations about writing and publishing going.

Writers tend to get very detailed feedback when they post WIPs on Book Country, and our Genre Map and corresponding genre pages are useful tool for figuring out how to find an audience of readers. Situated inside the world’s largest global publisher, Book Country’s blog offers a unique perspective on both the craft of writing and the business of publishing. We also offer self-publishing tools for when you are ready to publish your work, with distribution to eight retailers including Amazon and Nook. If you have questions about it all works, email us at

Join Book Country here to get started!

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4 thoughts on “Book Country Welcomes Authonomy Members

  1. Sheena Macleod

    Lucy, thanks for the unexpected welcome. As someone moving here from Authonomy it made me feel … well, welcome. In an online community its great to feel the human connection. It raised my estimation of the Book Country community/site and my expectations of what I might gain from being part of it.

    Thanks again


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