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Barbara Rogan is the author of eight novels and coauthor of several nonfiction books. Her books have been translated into half a dozen languages, featured by the major book clubs, optioned for movie and television and issued as audio books and e-books. Her latest novel, A DANGEROUS FICTION (Viking Books, July 25 2013) is a mystery set in the publishing world, the first of a series featuring literary agent Jo Donovan. As Barbara was an agent herself for many years, the book provides an intriguing insider’s view of the industry. Two of her earlier works, CAFÉ NEVO and SAVING GRACE, have just been reissued in e-book and paperback format, making them available to readers for the first time in years. She has taught fiction writing at Hofstra University, SUNY Farmingdale, Writers Digest University and her own online school, Next Level Workshops. A frequent lecturer on both the business and craft of writing, she conducts seminars and master classes at writers’ conferences and also writes a popular industry blog, IN COLD INK. Visit her online at or on Twitter as @RoganBarbara.

Game of Thrones: Writing Lessons from HBO’s Cult Show

Posted by May 31st, 2013

A guest post by fiction author and editor Barbara Rogan.


My name is Barbara, and I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to Game of Thrones. That’s not all; I’m also hooked on Bates Motel, and just recently I kicked Downton Abbey—not through any effort or willpower of my own, but because the supply dried up.

The Game of Thrones trouble began with the George R.R. Martin books. I was writing A Dangerous Fiction at the time, and was in search of a bit of light reading as a palette cleanser. I started reading the first book in the series, and several million pages later, I looked up blearily from the last and realized that three weeks had passed and I hadn’t done a lick of work. The TV series only made the situation worse. I started out watching each new episode on Sunday nights. Before long I was mainlining repeat showings two or three times a week. Continue reading

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