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Nevena Georgieva is a passionate reader and publishing professional living in New York. She's the Book Country Associate. Connect with her on Twitter @nevgeorgieva.

10 Writers to Watch on Book Country

Posted by July 22nd, 2015

Today we’d like to introduce you to ten of the most active and accomplished members of Book Country. The list ranges from bestselling authors to aspiring writers whose book projects have garnered praise from their peers on the site, and it represents the unique spirit and diversity of our community. Whether you’re new to Book Country or have been around for a while, we think these writers and their works are well worth your time.  

Alex-Rosa-writerAlex Rosa

Last year, Alex’s New Adult novel Tryst got the attention of a Penguin Random House editor and was subsequently published by the Berkley/Intermix imprint. So how did her lifelong dream come true? The San Diego writer says, “I wrote to my heart’s content about the book boyfriends I’d imagine and made the early drafts available online on Book Country. Book boyfriend Blake turned into Tryst.” Connect with Alex on her website, TwitterFacebook and check out some of her newest work on Book Country.

Alys-Arden-writerAlys Arden

Alys started writing her Young Adult novel The Casquette Girls on a whim, the result of a 2012 New Year’s resolution. She set it in a paranormal version of New Orleans because there “some of the legends are older than dirt and others seem to materialize from the thick, humid air.” The novel went on to become a #1 Amazon bestseller, which landed her a deal with Amazon’s imprint Skyscape—the new version is slated for publication in the fall. Follow Alys on Twitter and don’t miss the video of her and Alex Rosa talking about how Book Country helped them write their best books.

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How Authors Can Dramatically Grow Their Email Lists

Posted by July 20th, 2015

Stand-OutDo you spend a lot of time promoting your book on social media but feel like it hasn’t reaped the results that you were hoping for? It may be time to focus on building an email newsletter following instead. Stand Out author Dorie Clark thinks that reaching your audience via email is one of the most effective ways to increase book sales. Read on for her advice on growing your subscriber list.


My first book, Reinventing You, launched in 2013. I tried to prepare, but despite my best efforts to interrogate fellow authors who had gone before me, I still didn’t fully understand what a book launch entailed. I was diligent in my execution yet vaguely disorganized—constantly staying up late answering interview questions, crafting guest posts, and enduring a punishing and hastily-assembled travel schedule. These were things I should have planned better, yet somehow didn’t know how to.

Two months ago, I had another opportunity to do it right with the release of my new book, Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It. Here are the key things I learned in the last two years of almost nonstop book promotion.

Your email list is paramount. What sells books? Not social media. Atlantic journalist Derek Thompson shares an indicative story in which—despite one of his tweets becoming a viral sensation, with nearly 1,500 retweets and 155,000+ impressions—only 1% clicked the link to actually read his story. Note that this is a free story—not something that costs nearly $30, like your book. So what does work? Your email list. Blogger Chris Brogan famously said, “To me, the hottest and sexiest social network right now is your inbox,” and he’s right. Even if people are overwhelmed by their inboxes, they still read email, and an opt-in relationship with your readers is the most powerful force for communicating your message. I’ve used free (and freemium) tools like AppSumo’s ListBuilder to dramatically enhance my email subscription rate.

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