5 Ways to Be More Adventurous as a Writer

Posted by May 28th, 2014

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Summer is here, and it’s time to go on some serious adventures with our writing. (And perhaps some not-so-serious writing adventures, too!) Don’t get stuck in a writing rut this summer. Below we present 5 ways to be more adventurous as a writer:

  1. Change your writing venue. Many of us writers adore the rituals of our writing practice: preparing the coffee, booting up the computer, sitting down at our beloved desk with everything just so. But what would happen if you took your laptop to a funky local coffee shop you’ve never visited before? Or an historic library, or even on board a train whistling through the countryside? What inspiration might be waiting for you there?
  2. Change your writing time. Again with the rituals. We’ve got a feeling that you tend to write at the exact same time, on the exact same days of the week, every week. How might your characters act if you woke up to spend time with them early on a Saturday morning? What would you learn about them if you hung out with them till the wee hours?
  3. Go on a field trip. Better yet, go on a field trip that has nothing to do with the premise of your book. Working on a historical novel set in 1860’s Iowa? Visit a seaside aquarium. A Middle Grade book about a pet dinosaur? Tour the Tower of London, or browse an art gallery. See what happens when you ignore your WIP for a while. In what ways will it pull you back? Pay attention to how you think about it from far away, and jot those down as writing prompts for later.
  4. Send your characters on a field trip . . .  to a place you’ve never been. It could be anywhere: Jakarta, Alaska, the Moon. Pick the first place that pops into your head. Pretend you’re an expert and be as descriptive as possible–just fake it! You can always fact check the details later. In the meantime, show yourself how convincing your imagination can be.
  5. Join the Summer Writers Club on Book Country. Members have pledged to write either 500 or 250 words per day this summer. At the end of this journey you will have either 50K or 25K newly written words. Push your writing that much farther every day, and see where the adventure will take you!


What do you do to break out of writer’s block? Share with the community.


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