Book Country Blog Roundup: Guest Posts by Members

Posted by December 9th, 2015

It seems like a great time of year to give a big thanks to our community members who’ve taken the time to write guest posts for the Book Country blog. Book Country members have shared incredible insights on writing and publishing with us over the years.

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Here’s a round up of Book Country Blog guest posts by our members:

(Member names are organized alphabetically by last name. Posts are in chronological order, newest to oldest.)

Alys Arden

Julie Artz

Arnold Baruch

Shannon LC Cate

Dan Croutch

Evette Davis

Andrea Dunlop

Jaycee Ford

Olivia Glass

Audrey Greathouse

Hillary Jacques

DJ Lutz

Rachel A. Marks

Marshal Maresca

Nathan McGrath

Janice Peacock

Sherrie Petersen

Noelle Pierce

Alex Rosa

Vincent Salamone

Kerry Schafer

Michael R. Underwood

Len Webster

Jamie Wyman


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