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Posted by June 10th, 2015

We are very excited to introduce the Book Country Buddy Program! The Book Country Buddy Program is a new FREE perk for our members! We designed this program based on member feedback, and we can’t wait to see how our members will use it to write better books than they ever thought possible.BC_Buddy-Program_600x400

What is the Book Country Buddy Program?

Using the information you provide on this form, Book Country staff will match you with a fellow writer in your genre. You and your buddy will commit to an intensive 12-week manuscript reviewing and revising process, all via

This is a great opportunity for writers to:

  • Get valuable, detailed feedback on multiple drafts of the same manuscript.
  • Gain a like-minded writing partner and friend on Book Country.¬†
  • Commit to an ambitious yet attainable writing and revising plan.

How does the Book Country Buddy Program Work?

The Book Country Buddy Program is exclusive to Book Country members. If you aren’t yet a Book Country member, register for an account here.

Once you’re a registered Book Country member, you can sign up for the Book Country Buddy Program using this form.

Using the information you provide, we will get a sense of you as a writer, the manuscript you are working on (WIP), and who might be a good Book Country Buddy for you. Once we’ve matched you, we will recommend your buddy as a connection to you. You will connect, exchange private messages on Book Country to get to know one another and your writing goals, and start reviewing each other’s books. We’ll also send you each a customized 12-week schedule that includes deadlines for submitting your reviews for one another and for posting your next drafts. Throughout the course of the Buddy Program, each Buddy will complete 3 detailed reviews for their Buddy, one for each draft that they post during the program.

We recommend that you don’t sign up for the Book Country Buddy Program unless you have at least one full chapter of a manuscript up for review on Book Country. The program will work best if you have a whole draft of your manuscript on the site, but we can also tailor the program to meet your needs at this point in your writing process.

The Buddy Program Sample Schedule:

Week 1:

  • Connect with your buddy and exchange private messages to get to know each other.
  • Start reading and reviewing your Buddy’s manuscript on Book Country!

Week 2:

  • Keep working on that review of your Buddy’s manuscript!

Week 3:

  • Post your first of three reviews on your Buddy’s manuscript.
  • Read the review your buddy posted for you.
  • Use Book Country review comments or private messages to discuss the reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to brainstorm ideas for revision!

Week 4:

  • Start revising your manuscript using the feedback provided by your Buddy and fleshed out in the subsequent conversations you’ve had since then.
  • Want to try some ideas out on a larger sample of fellow writers? Now’s a good time to head over to the discussion boards to ask questions to the larger writing community.

Week 5:

  • Complete and upload a new draft of your manuscript. Let your buddy know when the new draft is ready to be reviewed.
  • Make sure to update the Author’s Note on your Book Details page with any new issues you are hoping to receive feedback on for this draft.
  • You should also let the community know that you have a new draft up for review on Book Country. You can do that via the “Introduce Yourself” discussion board or on a “New project to share” thread on the genre-specific boards.

Week 6:

  • Start reading and reviewing your buddy’s new draft.
  • Don’t forget that you can always refer to your previous review via the link on your own profile page.

 Week 7:

  • Keep working on that review for your Buddy’s new draft. Detailed feedback is always better!

Week 8:

  • Post your second of three reviews for your Buddy’s manuscript. What has changed in the book? What still needs work? And don’t forget to tell your Buddy in what ways the book has become stronger!
  • Read the review your Buddy posted for your manuscript.
  • Again, use Book Country review comments or private messages to discuss the new set of reviews.

Week 9:

  • Armed with a whole new round of feedback, get started on another revision. Dig deep to make your next draft as strong as you can possibly make it.

Week 10:

  • As you finish your third draft, be sure and go over it with a fine-tooth comb, looking for typos, grammatical and punctuation errors, and inconsistencies with formatting. Not sure how to fix? Ask the community via the discussion boards.
  • How’s your Book Details page looking? Does your About the Book or About the Author need to be edited before you post your next draft?
  • Is there something about your latest draft that you want the community to know about? Edit your Author’s Note to fill them in and get even more targeted feedback.

Week 11:

  • Post the new draft of your manuscript. Why not tell the larger Book Country community about the hard work you’ve done via the discussion boards? You can add onto a thread where you’ve already introduced your WIP and let everyone know that a new version is uploaded and ready for review.
  • Start writing the third of three reviews for your Buddy.

Week 12:

  • Finish and post your last review for your Buddy and exchange a virtual high-five. You completed the Book Country Buddy Program, and you each wrote a better book. Congratulations!
  • This great writing partnership doesn’t have to end! Stay in touch with your Buddy on Book Country, and keep supporting one another’s work. Together, you’ll go far!


Ready to sign up for the Book Country Buddy Program? Here‘s where to get started.

Questions about how the Book Country Buddy Program works? Email

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