How Book Country Helped Me Land a Book Deal

Posted by August 25th, 2015

Please welcome Book Country member Audrey Greathouse to the blog! I met Audrey at the San Francisco Writers Conference on a panel designed to let conference participants practice their agent pitch before going to the formal pitch session the following day. Audrey’s pitch for her young adult novel THE NEVERLAND WARS was one of the best in the room: a modern retelling of Peter Pan featuring fourteen-year-old girl Gwendolyn, in denial about growing up. I knew that Audrey would be a terrific addition to our community because at the conference I saw that she is curious, kind, enthusiastic about meeting other writers, and, of course, very hardworking! Her great news this week is that all that hard work paid off: THE NEVERLAND WARS has been picked up for publication by Clean Teen Publishing. Read on to hear how Book Country was a big part of helping her land a book deal.

Audrey Greathouse's blog

From Audrey Greathouse’s blog,

So I got my contract signed, my forms filled out, and everything else tidied away and put in the mail last week. The good folks at Clean Teen have them now, and I just get to look forward to scheduling a video chat with the ladies in charge. I think it’s pretty neat that my publisher’s chief officers are all Texan women. That’s just neat. Who would have even conceived of such a thing fifty years back? The internet and twenty-first century are ushering in a lot of interesting change and putting a lot of power in strange geographical places now that anybody can be anywhere.

Which brings me to Book Country.

I am so lucky I found this website and had a chance to discover the possibilities of it while I was at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference six months ago (I can’t believe it’s already been half a year!) I hop around the west coast too much to regularly attend any writers group, but with Book Country I can be anywhere. It’s easy to log on and review manuscripts, and it’s so nice to know that mine is up and open to members for review too. I could not have made the revisions I did without the feedback of the Book Country community, and I feel so grateful to the people on that site who have made it what is it. Book Country, I was really bad at taking feedback. I think that’s a pretty common thing for armature authors. I just had this absurd feeling that nobody knew my manuscript like I did, and no one could know what needed to change to make it better. I was so certain I was writing immaculate first drafts that didn’t need anything more than proof-reading. I never articulated this because even in the height of my pretension I was fully aware of how arrogant it was…but that thought lingered in my head and clouded over my ability to give my book to people who would challenge me creatively. It was so much more fun to give it to friends and have them tell me how amazing I was.

On Book Country, you run into other writers. People who read, study, and produce fiction are some of the most valuable assets to a blooming manuscript. What’s more, it’s a community of people who all share a common dream and don’t have any desire to “shoot you down” but by the same token, are not your friends and are not there to pump up your ego.

I highly recommend to anyone who has a manuscript, a draft, or even just an excerpt of a story to come join the community and get involved in Book Country. Even if you’re not ready to post your work, get involved with other people who are excited to be writing in the genre you are. Book Country has wide open arms, and is a good place for any aspiring writer.

I joined Book Country thinking that there was a chance some imprint of Penguin Random House (Book Country’s parent corporation) would find my book through this unusual and strictly 21st-century avenue. I never imagined that the feedback I got would enable me to completely rewrite my opening chapters, and pack so much more punch into the rest of the story. In the end, I had a publishable product and now I have a book deal to prove it.

Audrey GreathouseAbout Audrey Greathouse:

A Seattle native, YA author Audrey Greathouse is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University and now works as an English tutor and freelance writer. You can connect with her on Book Country, Twitter, and Facebook. You can read and review THE NEVERLAND WARS on Book Country. Check back here for news about when the book will be published!

 This post originally appeared on Audrey’s blog.
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  1. DJ Lutz

    Awesome! And I fully concur with the benefit of writer-feedback from the members of Book Country. I had been with a few other author-web-communities prior to joining BC and the vibe was not the same at all. Congrats on the contract!


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