Book Country Member Spotlight: Meet Fantasy Writer Amber Wolfe

Posted by February 25th, 2015

Book Country Member Spotlight: Meet Fantasy Writer Amber WolfeAmber Wolfe joined Book Country in July 2014 and is currently workshopping SCARLET CRIMSON and DESTINY’S BOND. Both titles have been featured in Book Country’s Top Rated and Editor’s Picks sections. Amber is wonderfully supportive to fellow members in the discussion boards, and it’s been great to see her writing evolve. In this Q&A, Amber shares what inspired her to start writing fantasy novels.


Janet Umenta: The fight scenes in DESTINY’S BOND are intense! Did you refer to any guide or book while you were writing them?

Amber Wolfe: Actually, yes. My inspiration for fight scenes comes from other fantasy novels I’ve read, where battles are intense and heated. I try to draw off the knowledge of the authors who wrote the books, what made their fight scenes so fascinating and fun to read. Then I go from there and hope for the best. My imagination and my characters usually take care of the rest.

JU: You list several favorite writers on your Book Country profile page, including Anne Bishop. Have you incorporated any of their writing styles into your own books?

AW: Oh, Anne Bishop is my favorite author! I do like to think a bit of her style has leaked into my own. She’s an inspiration to me. In fact, it was while reading the last book of her TIR ALAINN series that I had an epiphany of how to rework the second half of DESTINY’S BOND. I can make the series move along much faster if I go about the redrafting right.

Book Country Member Spotlight: Meet Fantasy Writer Amber WolfeJU: While writing DESTINY’S BOND, what is one surprising thing you learned?

AW: That I had the skill to do so. DESTINY’S BOND is my first book in a series, and although it’s still not ready to be published, the people here on Book Country have boosted my confidence that it one day will be. Thanks to them, I’ve got ideas for another couple of series I plan to write in the future, once DESTINY’S BOND is finished.

JU: What inspired you to start writing fantasy novels?

AW: Anime. As strange as that sounds. It was while watching an anime series that I got the notion to write my own fantasy novels. As I was about twelve then, my first efforts weren’t pretty. It’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve cultivated my voice and honed the skills all fiction writers need to become great–though I’m still learning.

JU: If you were in a fight scene, what would be your weapon of choice?

AW: Dual-swords like my main heroine, Destiny. But my dual-swords would be infused with magic and suck the life force out of my victims to fuel my own strength!


About Amber Wolfe

Amber Wolfe lives in Michigan with her biological family. She spends much of her time on the computer either working on someday-to-be-published novels or browsing the internet for FAQs on how to be a better writer. She won a Future Author Award in High School–she’s still wondering how that happened–and likes nothing better than to be sequestered in a quiet place reading juicy novels or writing her own. Connect with Amber on Book Country.

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  1. Marlin Williams

    Absolutely one of my favorite people here on Book Country. Good luck, Amber, with all of your writing endeavors!

  2. Erin

    WOW – So cool Amber! Congratulations for making it on the blog.

    And for all those who have not had the honor of meeting and working with Amber, she is wonderful and a huge asset to Book Country!


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