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Posted by May 2nd, 2014

welcome romance writersOne of our absolute favorite genres here at Book Country is Romance. Since our inception in 2011, romance writers have been flocking to our online writing and publishing community to learn about the craft of writing and the business of publishing in this ever-popular genre!

Romance writers will find lots of great resources on Book Country: we’ve got dedicated discussion boards where you can chat with other romance writers about everything from writing sex scenes to romantic cliches to how to plot the perfect romantic triangle. You’ll also be able to find fellow writers to meet up with at conventions and conferences (such as the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, where Book Country is headed in a couple of weeks!). Explore the Genre Map to learn more about how Romance intersects with YA, Fantasy, Westerns, Women’s Fiction, and many other genres.

This blog is also a great spot to learn about what’s happening in the Romance genre. We’ve enjoyed guest posts and Q&As with some amazing traditionally published romance authors, including Maisey Yates, Christina Lee, Z.A. Maxfield, Roni Loren, Cara McKenna, and Savanna Fox. The blog is also where we’ve learned incredible tips for self-publishing romance books from our members Jessica Hawkins, Ellise Weaver, and Samantha Jane. Curious to learn more about Romance subgenres? Take a deep dive with our explanatory guides to Paranormal Romance, New Adult, and more.

Best of all, Book Country is a place where romance writers can read each others’ work. If you’re looking for romance eBooks to load on your e-Reader, head right over to the Book Country bookstore. And if you are looking for a place where you can read and review other Romance WIPs and get feedback on your own romance manuscript, the Book Country workshop allows you to upload drafts, collect reviews, and get tips from other like-minded romance writers.

Romance writers, please join our community!

Have you uploaded a new Romance project to Book Country? Be sure to announce it to the community here!

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