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Posted by August 26th, 2014

I’m excited to introduce the Book Country community to Maria Gagliano and Celia Johnson. They are the cofounders of Slice Magazine, a literary magazine dedicated to connecting emerging writers of poetry, literary fiction, and narrative nonfiction with one another. The Slice Literary Writers’ Conference continues that mission with two days of programming dedicated to illuminating craft and publishing topics. Book Country has signed on to be a sponsor of this year’s conference because we admire their mission of helping writers find their audience.Slice Literary Writers' Conference

Our sponsorship includes a scholarship for one MFA student to attend the conference this year. We’re excited to tell you more about that scholarship recipient in a future post. In the meantime, I wanted to give Maria and Celia a chance to tell you why they began doing this incredible event, and why you should keep this conference on your radar.


We’re excited to host Slice magazine’s fourth annual writers’ conference in Brooklyn on September 6 and 7. My Slice co-founder Celia Johnson and I started Slice eight years ago as a print literary magazine dedicated to helping emerging writers find an audience for their work. In that time, an amazing community of writers, readers, and publishing professionals have rallied around Slice’s mission, working together to foster the next generation of great writers.

The conference, in a way, takes Slice’s mission off the page. Our panels offer insight on the book publishing process from editors, agents, and authors that is rarely shared outside the (seemingly) insurmountable walls of the publishing industry. It’s a great way for writers to learn what they need to do to get their project to the next level, how to pitch agents, what publishers look for (and don’t), and how their book fits within the larger publishing landscape. Writers can also sign up for one-on-one agent meetings to talk about their project, and participate in intimate craft workshops.

Maria Gagliano and Celia JohnsonOne great element of the event is our sponsor-led scholarship program. Each year, our community of conference partners helps to fund scholarships for writers to attend the event for free.  This is the fourth year we’re running the scholarship program and it’s one of our favorite things about the conference. Slice exists to help emerging writers make the leap to published author, and these scholarships have helped hundreds of writers connect with editors and agents for the first time. It’s inspiring to be able to help these writers’ careers in such a tangible way, and we’re especially excited to partner with Book Country for a scholarship this year.


If you’ll be at the Slice Literary Writer’s Conference, be sure and swing by the panel I will be on, called “What’s All This Talk About “Platform,” and Do I Really Need One?” at 2:45-4:00pm on Saturday, September 6th (more information here).

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