How Can Published Authors Use Book Country?

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When I’m telling writers about the Book Country community, I often get asked how writers who’ve already published can get involved on the site. Here are a few ways how published authors can use Book Country:

Have a book coming out?

Writers of all levels of experience use Book Country to workshop their manuscripts. We have 1:1 feedback on Book Country, which means that members have to review another writer’s book before they can post their own. We find that for a member’s first review, they are most likely to review a book with a great professional cover, a sharp synopsis, and, of course, a lower word count. Published authors can upload an excerpt of their forthcoming book as a preview. On Book Country, we have a built in audience of members seeking things to read. Just be sure and let the community know that what you upload is your final draft, and be prepared to get suggestions for revision even if you’re not going to use the feedback right now–it might be useful to you later. Be sure to include when and where folks can buy the book when it’s out! You can see how Penguin Intermix author Alex Rosa did this for her book TRYST before it came out last spring.

Already have a book out?

Again, using Book Country as a place to showcase an excerpt is a great way to give your book exposure to a built in audience. This is how I found out about Jessica Hawkins’s book COME UNDONE, and now her Cityscape series is one of my all-time favorite romance trilogies. Book Country’s blog and discussion boards can also help published authors brainstorm new ideas for marketing and promotion (check out how GD Deckard is sharing his experience using Google Adwords for his book THE PHOENIX DIARY), and connecting with other writers will help you build a network of contacts. Last week, when Book Country member Janice Peacock’s cozy mystery HIGH STRUNG was rereleased by Booktrope, she was interviewed on member DJ Lutz’s blog. These two met on the site and have been supporting each other ever since.

Working on something new?

Trying a new genre? Working out the kinks of a new plot? Testing reactions to a few cover ideas? Posting your early draft on Book Country is a fantastic way to see what’s working so far. Our Genre Map is especially useful for writers who want to learn more about tricky literary categorizations, such as the difference between urban fantasy and paranormal romance. For example, I posted a story on Book Country assuming the genre was New Adult because the main characters are in college. However, comparing it to Book Country’s New Adult Landmark Titles list, I realized that the story didn’t fit the New Adult genre at all and I need to pick a different genre in order to find the right audience for it.

Interested in self-publishing?

Lots of published writers have manuscripts tucked away, either never published or out of print. If you’re looking for an easy way to make this writing available to readers, Book Country has self-publishing tools that can help. Olivia Glass, for example, published her novella FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF in 2012 with Fleshbot Fiction. When that imprint folded and the ebook became unavailable, Olivia was able to rerelease FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF with Book Country. (If you’re interested in trying this, make sure you own the rights. Our Terms of Use prohibits posting or publishing anything that does not belong to you.) Similarly, many authors have become curious about how they can electronically publish story and essay collections, series companion novellas and shorts, and compilations of their own blog posts. Self-publishing is often a great model for these types of book projects. On Book Country, authors self-publish with the support of a community. It’s a wonderful place to learn as you go, and our packages and services make it easy to take an a la carte approach to the process.

How else can published authors use Book Country? Share in the comments below.

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  1. DJ Lutz

    One more thing: published or not, this is a fun place for writers to hang out! Where else could you meet such characters?


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