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Book Country Will Be at BoucherCon 2014!

Posted by November 11th, 2014

BoucherCon 2014 websiteI’m really looking forward to participating in BoucherCon 2014 in Long Beach, California, this week! If you are around on Thursday, come to the Book Country panel, where I’ll be showing Mystery and Thriller writers how to use Book Country to make their books better at the same time as they are finding their audience. This is a great chance to start building your author platform and online profile!

Lucy Silag photoHow Online Workshopping Gives Writers an Edge in a Crowded Market

Thursday, November 13th, 4-5pm, Hyatt Regency Conference Center, Seaview A

Book Country is Penguin Random House’s online writing and publishing community where thousands of mystery and thriller writers connect to get feedback on their books. Whether you are self-publishing or seeking a traditional book deal, your book is up against stiff competition. How can you improve your work, present it successfully to readers and the publishing industry, and grow your fan base? Please join Lucy Silag, Book Country’s Community and Engagement Manager, for a candid discussion about how online workshopping helps writers to hone their craft and improve their sales success rate once they publish. Go beyond social media to grow your online platform and achieve your writing and publishing goals.

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How to Rate Books on Book Country

Posted by August 25th, 2014

how to rate

What is the Book Country Rating System?

When you give a peer review on Book Country, the focus is to help the writer improve her work and writing skills. Unlike other websites where the rating system only indicates how much you liked a book, the Book Country “nib”rating system is primed to help you give comprehensive feedback and to help writers know how much work is needed to improve their manuscript. Below is a guide on how to rate books on Book Country. Continue reading

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4 Reasons Writers Should Use the Book Country Genre Map

Posted by July 14th, 2014

Why is Genre Important?

This might seem like a no brainer, but you should spend considerable time deciding the best genre for your book. Readers often choose books based on genre, and you want to make sure you’re presenting your book to a receptive audience. When pitching your book to an agent, understanding your genre can help you show how your book fits within genre conventions, and how it will appeal to a targeted audience.

What is the Book Country Genre Map?

Book Country Genre Map

The Genre Map can be found under the Read and Review tab. The map showcases the 60+ genres that we have here on Book Country.  On the left hand side, we have the fiction genres including Romance, Mystery, and New Adult. On the right hand side are the Young Adult and Middle Grade genres. And on the bottom we have the Nonfiction genres. With this dynamic map, you can clearly see the range of genres available to you, and you can begin to explore which genre is right for your book.

Continue reading

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How to Sign Up For the Book Country Newsletter

Posted by July 2nd, 2014

You don’t want to miss out on the Book Country newsletter. Every month we have exclusive giveaways and insider tips just for our newsletter subscribers.

Newsletter Sample for blog

Not on the list yet? Here’s how to sign up for the Book Country Newsletter: Continue reading

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How to Use the Cover Designer on Book Country

Posted by June 24th, 2014

Like it or not, books ARE judged by their covers. Having an eye-catching and attractive book cover can persuade more readers to read and review your book. Our free and easy-to-use Cover Designer can help you create a polished cover. The following step-by-step guide shows you how to use the Cover Designer.

Continue reading

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Read and Review Our New Waiting to Be Discovered Titles!

Posted by June 12th, 2014

Waiting to Be Discovered

A new set of Waiting to Be Discovered books is featured on the Read and Review page!

Every time we update the Waiting to Be Discovered carousel, we are always blown away by the diverse array of books we feature, and it’s all thanks to you! Here is a list of our Waiting to Be Discovered books:

  1. The Thief, the Guns, & the Planet  by Kevin James Miller
  2. Satan’s Lure by DJ Pizzarello   
  3. The So Good Girls  by Gary Horsman
  4. Sherina’s Quest  Romana Drew                                                             
  5. When She Wakes  by lindajames  
  6. Alone  by Dbl_Jay                        
  7. Awaking Arion  by M.L. Mundy        
  8. God’s Trailer Park Garden by Judy Peck        
  9. Dad, My Brother, and Me  by J.C. O’ Brien    
  10. Kallaway’s Conquest by Olivia Martin

For help on leaving critical feedback, read our blog post, 3 Ways to Give Great Writing Feedback on Book Country. Make a writer’s day and leave a helpful review!

Have a new idea for a book? Discuss in our discussion boards


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How To Let Book Country Members Know When You’ve Published a Book

Posted by June 11th, 2014

Are you a Book Country member who’s published a book? Share your news with the community. Here’s how:

(Click on the images to expand.)


Tell us about it on your profile page, either in the section for your short bio, or in the section where you describe your reading and writing.

Click to expand

It’s also a good idea to mention the name of your publisher and the online retailers where your book can be purchased.


Post an announcement on the Book Country Discussion Boards. We have a forum dedicated to “Member News & Announcements.”
Continue reading

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How to Add a Table of Contents on Book Country

Posted by June 2nd, 2014

Here’s how to add a Table of Contents to your manuscript or eBook on Book Country. Below I’ll walk you through the process by using a sample project (a recycled post I wrote for the Book Country blog).

Need to take a closer look? Click to enlarge images.

  • Once you are inside the manuscript editor, select the chapter heading and click on the highlighted button in the menu that looks like a little book:

Table of Contents Button on Book Country Continue reading

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New Manuscripts Waiting to Be Discovered on Book Country

Posted by May 30th, 2014

New manuscripts waiting to be discovered on Book Country

We are excited to share with you 10 new manuscripts featured in the Waiting to Be Discovered carousel! We’ve selected a great mix of genres, including Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, and Literary Fiction. Be sure to leave awesome feedback!

If you are wondering what’s the best way to leave feedback on another member’s manuscript, this blog post can help: Dos and Don’ts for Giving Feedback on Book Country

New to Book Country? Introduce yourself and your new projects in the discussion boards

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How to Create a Digital Footprint On Book Country

Posted by May 21st, 2014

Now that our lives are becoming more digitally based, we often find books by searching rather than browsing. That’s why it is so important for Book Country members–whether you are workshopping your manuscript on Book Country or you’ve published your book–to learn how to create a digital footprint. This will increase your readership and sales because it reduces the time it takes a potential reader to get to your book or manuscript–leaving more time for the fun part: reading your book!

how to create a digital footprint on book country


What does it mean to create a digital footprint?

You want to make it so that any reader who might possibly be interested in reading your work will be able to find out more about it on the Internet.


  • Use your writing name consistently. Whether it’s the name you were born with, your married name, or a pen name you chose yourself, use the same name across all of your writing and social media platforms. If Book Country members get to know you on the Discussion Boards, then head over to the Bookstore to find your published eBook, they’ll likely search for you by what you call yourself within the community. If your Display Name doesn’t match the author name on your eBook, this potential reader will run into confusing search results, and might give up trying to find you. Similarly, if a member who read and loved your manuscript and wants to give you a shout-out on Twitter, it will be hard to find you if you use a completely different name as your handle. Continue reading
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