Does Your Book Have What It Takes?

Posted by August 11th, 2014

Does your book have what it takes?The most successful writers are those willing to really listen to the feedback they get on their manuscripts, and then use feedback to revise. And then do that again, and again, and again, until their book is really ready for readers on a large scale. On Book Country, writing and posting new drafts to share with the community is how you can gain traction for your book, widen its audience, and ultimately, have a better chance of turning your book into a publishing success.

We’re hearing such great news from Book Country members this summer. Writers of genres as disparate as Fantasy, New Adult, SciFi, and Literary Fiction have all reported that they are moving forward with their books: Marshall Maresca has submitted the final version of his manuscript for THE THORN OF DENTONHILL to his editor at DAW Books. An editor at Intermix asked Alex Rosa to do some rewrites and resubmit TRYST, leading to an acquisition. Vince Salamone is selling print copies of his book SERAPHIM: GENESIS after months of getting feedback and editing. And on Friday, Andrea Dunlop told us about how working with a developmental editor was key to taking her excellent novel THE SOJOURN to the next level–finding a literary agent to represent it.

What do all these “success stories” have in common? The secret ingredient is that for each manuscript there is serious editing and revision going on. Each of these manuscripts has been in the works for multiple years. And each of these writers is using their writing communities–trusted “IRL” readers and online communities like Book Country–to get the feedback that they need to guide those revisions.

Whatever your writing goals are, the process of revision is a rewarding one. I’m inspired by how hard Book Country members are working to get their books into great shape for their readers.

Does your book have what it takes?

You’ll never know unless you post it for feedback on Book Country, revise, and upload a new draft.

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