5 Ways to Engage Your Readers on Facebook

Posted by January 31st, 2014

You’ve created a new Facebook page and are now scratching your head: what to do next?

To grow your fan base and become a Facebook super star, you need a plan! Strategic Partner Manager for Authors and Publishers at Facebook Susan B. Katz says that the key to success for debut authors on Facebook is to post frequently and authentically.

To establish a presence,  post once or twice a day every day in the first person. Fans are on your Facebook page to get to know the person behind the book. The biggest thing to keep in mind for writers on Facebook:

A good content strategy always balances content creation with content curation. So, share links to your books and blog posts, and mix it up with relevant links and images that you think your followers might enjoy. This way you won’t feel like you’re flooding their feeds with self-serving posts.

Here are 5 ways to increase engagement with your Facebook fans:

1. Share your success stories.


Everyone loves a success story–so don’t be shy when you have good news to share. Your fans are there to rally you along the way, so breaking good news is a great way share your excitement about a book acquisition, a writing award, a great review, etc.

Perhaps Entertainment Weekly didn’t feature your book like bestselling author Khaled Hosseini’s, but you can still share snapshots of yourself or your readers holding a copy of your book for the first time, reader reactions, or quotes from complimentary reviews on Book Country!

2. Support fellow writers.


It’s a real joy to see Book Country writers supporting each other. Jamie Wyman posted about fellow member Kerry Schafer‘s release this week.

We believe that supporting fellow writers is critical to success. Being a debut author doesn’t have to be lonely. You need a network of writer friends — whether they are beta readers, writing group buds, or Book Country fellow members — who can give you a high five or lift your spirits when you need it the most. Remember that other writers are on the same path and need allies, too! So, give without expecting anything in return: introduce other debut writers’ works to your following and congratulate them on their success.

3. Invite people into your writing and publishing process. 


Book Country writer Nicholas Kotar posted a teaser of what the interior design of his new book RAVEN SON will look like. It got people excited about the finished book and it looks gorgeous. Congrats, Nicholas.

wendy wax fb

Berkley author Wendy Wax shows snapshots of the writing process — don’t be afraid if it doesn’t look pretty!

4. Provide visual aids for your readers.

deborah harkness facebook

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES Deborah Harkness helps her readers visualize her main character’s hunting lodge with the image above. You can get creative with this strategy and post all types of photographs and art. Make sure you credit your sources.

samantha young - fb

Or, just like NA author Samantha Young, you can tell your readers how you picture your main characters…

5. Be inspiring.

jill shalvis fb

Your readers and you share a passion: books! It’s a match made in heaven… Posting cool pics, quotes, and memes is a great way to invigorate your audience and take a break from posting about your books and author events. Everyone needs some inspiration in their lives.

Have any suggestions about Facebook engagement? We’d love to hear from you.
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