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Posted by March 19th, 2014

Writers join the Book Country writing and publishing community because it’s a place where they can grow their audience of readers as well as get writing feedback. One of the ways we help writers connect with one another is by featuring books in different places on our site, highlighting books for members who are browsing for titles to read, review, and buy.

There are several ways to get your writing featured on Book Country.

If you have a book that is up for workshop in the community on Book Country, it can be featured on the Books page on Book Country in one of four carousels. We know that lots of members use the Books page to find new manuscripts to read and review.

Books page on Book Country

The top carousel is the monthly Editor’s Picks. These are books that the Book Country staff recommends. Some have been reviewed in the community and some have not.

Editors Picks March 2014


The second carousel is the Top Rated books of the month on Book Country. These are books that have gotten a high number of “nibs” in the Book Country rating that members assign when they read and review a manuscript on the site.

March Top Rated


The third carousel is Books by NaNoWriMo Writers. We support National Novel Writing Month in a big way here at Book Country (you can find out more about how we participated in NaNoWriMo 2013 here), so this is one of our ways of helping Wrimos find one another on Book Country. Now that Nano is over, Wrimos are getting feedback on their WIPs to revise and finish what they they started back in November. If you participated in NaNoWriMo in 2013, please let us know so that we can feature your manuscript on this carousel.

Books by NaNoWriMo writers


The fourth carousel is new books recently uploaded to the site, called Waiting to Be Discovered. We update this carousel twice a month. It’s a great way to find brand new members and manuscripts!

Waiting to Be Discovered 3.18.14


Book Country’s Bookstore is another place where we feature our members’ work. Every month, we curate our storefront with eBooks we’re reading and enjoying by both Book Country and BookTango authors. This is also where you can find our Bestsellers and New Releases.

Bookstore Store Front March 2014As you can see above, every month we choose a Book Country Featured Title to highlight in the store, as well as Noteworthy Titles, and Books We Love, and more recommendations.

When we choose books for the Books page or the Bookstore storefront, we’ll send you an email. We’ll also share featured books on social media. Be sure and share the news with friends, family, and your own writing networks!


We also feature Book Country members right here on our blog. We have a weekly Member Spotlight:

Joshua Henderson member spotlight

Caitlin Garzi member spotlight

And we’re always eager to hear ideas for guest blog posts from our members!

Jamie Wyman guest post

So how can you get your book or eBook featured on Book Country?

Just get in touch!

It’s as simple as sending me an email (send it to lucy at bookcountry dot com) telling me why you think your book should be featured. This helps you to get in the habit of getting in touch with people who can help boost the signal, such as yours truly. I will work with you to get more exposure for your book on Book Country, and you can leverage that exposure to make connections with other writers and receive feedback that will help you write and publish your best book.


Curious about other ways that you can get the word out about your book? Ask for advice on our Marketing & Promotion Discussion Forum!



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