Flights of Fantasy

Posted by June 5th, 2013

A Taste of Book Country 2.0

Here comes the new Book Country fantasy flag!


In the Acacia fantasy series I’m reading now, the heroine, the warrior Mena, flies on her winged creature Elya to achieve new heights, find new worlds in the blue empyrean. Elya is her friend, protector, and healer. She helps her fulfill her destiny.

Fantasy writers, we want to give you a dragon upon whose wings your fancy can fly while writing! With the help of whom you can reach out for your destiny.

Fantasy books are a place of refuge and reimagining. They are not bound by reality, but contain within them thousand of worlds and creatures; they house within their pages thousands of possibilities and dreams.

Writing fantasy is a flight of the imagination. Fantasy books give us wings! In your words—the words of the Book Country fantasy writers—here’s what youtold us about why you write fantasy:

I like the idea of leaving behind the mundane for other worlds, for things that make me ask questions, and that make me see a little bit of magic in our own world. ~Rebecca Blain

I like the tension, the way the various layers of reality rub against each other. Everyday life, of course, can be just as weird, just as beautiful, just as fantastic as the wildest otherworldly fantasy. ~Atthys Gage

You get to step back and ask questions that your really can’t access in an ordinary setting. The simple act of creating your own setting can often give you hundreds ideas for unique stories you can tell. ~Timothy Maguire

That’s what I look for in fantasy—glimmers of transcendent beauty in the language, the story, the characters. ~Nicholas Kotar

I find fantasy…liberating because it allows me to make up all the rules. ~Herb Mallette

If fantasy is all about escapism, urban fantasy is a staycation. It takes these old fairy tales and plunks them down into the middle of reality. ~Jamie Wyman

Fantasy writers, enjoy your new flag. You can fly it now by adding your fantasy books to Book Country today.

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