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Posted by December 9th, 2014


Joe Muscolino, head staffer at Penguin Random House’s Biographile, recommends these five pieces for Book Country writers.


Good Prose Month: Advice From a VP Executive Managing Editor and Copy Chief, From A to X

Here, as part of our month-long “Good Prose Month” series, the Copy Chief of Random House provides a fascinating collection of obscure and playful writing distinctions, from A(ntiques) to X(-ray).

This Man’s Life: Tobias Wolff on Raising the Bar of Memoir Writing

As part of our “Biographies We Need” series, Jennie Yabroff touches upon Tobias Wolff’s storied life and reflects on how influential his work has been in shaping subsequent generations of memoir writers.

Historical Friction, Or: Writing the Past with Skin in the Game

Here, novelist Andrew Lewis Conn discusses the merits of historical fiction and emphasizes the importance of having “skin in the game,” regardless of the genre you write in.

Beyond the MFA: 10 Great Writers on the Writing Life

In her piece tied to the 2013 Boston Book Fair, Joanna Scutts pulls together a handy list of the best memoirs and meditations on the writing life, from inspiration to publication.

From Journal to Memoir

Professor Rita Jacobs contributed a series of articles to Biographile called “From Journal to Memoir,” helping writers learn how to move beyond the memoirist’s stage fright, tackle issues of “truth,” the beauty of memory, the arc of narrative, and much more.


About Joe Muscolino

Joe Muscolino, BiographileJoe Muscolino spends half his time buried inside a book, the other half digging himself out. Narrative nonfiction is his bread and butter, and his reading sessions are empty without an open mind, a tumbler of whiskey, and a few healthy opinions. He works at Penguin Random House. Follow Biographile on Twitter and Facebook.  

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