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Posted by September 10th, 2013

how_to_find_readers_on_bookcountryYou’re new to the site. Perhaps you’ve already checked out our post about how to get started on Book Country, browsed through our FAQs, and you’ve checked out our video tutorials. You’ve given writing feedback to one project on Book Country and have uploaded your own. Now the waiting game begins. “How do I get people to read and review my book?” you wonder. There are several ways. Read on.

Make your Book Details enticing. Consider the genre and keywords that you think will help people get to your book, and include a little bit about yourself so your readers can get to know you and put your work in context.

Tinker with the About the Book section. It’s important to write a solid synopsis explaining your book. Get creative with it! Visualize your book on a shelf in the book store. Now pull it from the shelf. What does it say on the book jacket? That’s what you need to put in your About the Book section.

Don’t forget that the About the Book will be a reader’s first encounter with your writing. Make sure they get a good first impression of your craft! You might want to consider adding information about how much of the book is posted. It will help people estimate what kind of commitment they are making when deciding to read your book.

Just think about all the ways you make a decision on a book buy: proper genre categorization (Check.), interesting book jacket copy (Check.), and amazing book cover art, of course. That’s why you need an attractive cover that fits your genre and main theme. Look at the Landmark Books on your genre’s page on Book Country. Do you notice how they all often use similar colors, images, and fonts. It’s what you need to do, too!


Do you notice how all of the thriller books above use bold colors and a large-sized font? It’s not a coincidence.

You don’t have the most amazing graphic design skills? That’s okay. That’s what our Cover Designer is for. You also have other options: you can easily put together a nice cover using free picture editing websites such as and

Now share your book with the community in the Discussion Forums. Every Genre Talk forum contains a thread for new projects. If you’re a mystery writer, go over to the mystery topic and drop a line in the “Have a new mystery project on Book Country? Need readers? Share here!” thread to let other members know that you are new to the site and would love some feedback. Include a link to your book so that it’s easy for people to find it. Here you can be a bit more casual when it comes to describing what your book is about. I love hearing about what inspired people to start a writing project.

Talk to people on the site! “Connect” with other writers so you can exchange private messages. That’s what the community part of Book Country is all about. Participate in discussions and get to know other members. You can also suggest a review swap in the Discussion Forums! (We have more pointers for connecting with members on Book Country here, and a guide for navigating the Discussion Forums here.)

Review other people’s books. Give and you shall receive. We know that reading and reviewing books on Book Country is a serious investment of your time. If you put genuine effort and thought into the feedback you give other people, though, there is a good chance that they will reciprocate with in-depth feedback of your book.

Use social media to get the word out! Upload your cover to Pinterest. Share a link to your book on Facebook and Twitter—it’s the first step toward building an audience. Tweet a casual announcement about your new book/draft using the #bookcountry hashtag to welcome readers and their input. Lucy and I scout Twitter for shout-outs from our members, and we would love to give you a Book Country bump.

Be authentic and creative when promoting your book online. Pleas for people’s attention is not the way to go. It’s better to learn early—before you have a published work out there—that it’s not a good practice to beg people for reads or just tweet the name of your book multiple times. Be personable, informative, and gracious! Help other writers get the word out about their books. Be a team player.

Hope this helps to get you started with reviews on Book Country. Looking forward to reading your book!

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  1. Beatrice Labissiere

    You confirmed a quote that I often heard many times : “Those who were there before us know better than us”


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