Great Waiting to Be Discovered Titles!

Posted by October 9th, 2014

WTBD October 2014 We’re excited to share with you 10 new manuscripts featured in the Waiting to Be Discovered section! We’ve selected a great mix of genres, including Young Adult, Science Fiction, and Nonfiction. Be sure to leave awesome feedback!

If you are wondering what’s the best way to leave feedback on another member’s manuscript, this blog post can help: Dos and Don’ts for Giving Feedback on Book Country

  1. ANDROIDS OVER NEW YORK by Arnold Baruch
  3. JOEY FRANK by T. L. Michaelson
  4. WAITING FOR MOONLIGHT by M. K. Romesser
  5. LITTLE YELLOW BOW by Annie May
  6. WALKABOUT by C.M. Rivers
  7. SCHIZOPHRENIA by Carla Doria M.
  8. THE ABACUS CONSPIRACY by Brian L. Bleau
  9. SECOND CHANCES by Dennise Sleeper
  10. SAVE YOUR BREATH by Jonathon S. Smalls
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