Jaycee Ford Publishes WATCHING FIREFLIES!

Posted by August 18th, 2014

Watching FirefliesWe are so excited for Book Country member Jaycee Ford! Tomorrow she is publishing her first book, WATCHING FIREFLIES. We are so proud that workshopping the book on Book Country was a part of her amazing journey.


Since I was young, I always knew that I wasn’t exactly bred for a normal life, but my life was like every other kid. I grew up and went to college. I partook in all of the normal college things, but there was something that I just didn’t know. I graduated in History because I loved History. I got married in my mid-twenties. I got a dog. I loved my life, but life was still … normal. Something was missing.

One Saturday, my husband was out fishing, and I was reading most likely my hundredth book of year. We were being normal. I didn’t finish the book and couldn’t tell you what it was. I pushed myself off of the sofa and turned on my computer. I sat in front of a blank Word doc and a blinking cursor. In that moment, I became a seat of your pants writer. I didn’t know it then, but my publishing journey had begun.


My two-year-ago self is laughing hysterically. She’s seriously like, “Dude, what are you doing?”

I decided to make my life a little less . . . normal.

I wrote. I had no clue what I was doing. I channeled all that I had learned from writing in high school and tried to integrate some sort of intelligence that I gained in college. The characters that I had developed in my head took over. I just tried to put the commas where they were supposed to go. I developed a story about a city girl moving to the country and finding herself a cowboy, and I called it WATCHING FIREFLIES. “Write what you know,” they say. I was a city girl who moved to the country and found a cowboy. So, that’s what I wrote. And then, something amazing happened. I wrote, “The End.”

Now what?

I heard through some writing buddies that there was a place called Book Country. A country made of books! I’m moving there. I was then informed that it was for workshopping books. I still want that country made of books, but okay. Let’s see what this could do. Then something even more amazing happened. I got feedback, and it wasn’t so bad! My two year ago self is still laughing hysterically. Let’s see what this cowboy story could do.

I edited. I tore the story apart. I put it back on Book Country, and my two year ago self gasped. People liked it.


My two-year-ago self jumped around saying, “What do we do? What do we do?”

I had to calm her down because I really had no clue. I wrote a query, and I shopped and shopped. I had interest. Two-year-ago self was fan-girling. We sent it off and waited and waited . . .and waited. When the feedback came, it was something I didn’t expect. My whole series is southern. The city girls are southern, the cowboys are southern . . . I wrote what I knew. The changes suggested were beneficial, but some felt like the roots of the south were taken away. Then the most amazing thing happened – because a lot of amazing things happened on this journey – I went to the RT Convention. I had two conversations with two well-established authors, and then I met Lucy Silag from Book Country. She asked about my plan for my story.

I was going to self-publish.


My two-year-ago self gave me a high-five. I called in a self-publishing production company. I work all day every day. There was no time for me to figure out how to format a paperback. They helped me turn what was on Book Country to something I’m even more proud of.

I had an awesome support team. I followed in the footsteps of some Book Country alums: Alex Rosa, Len Webster, and Alys Arden. They all started with the self-publishing route. I had good guidance and a team to ask questions when I really had no idea what I was doing. Two year ago self still ponders this same question, but as I sit on the eve of publishing my first book, I know I have this. I decided to self-publish three months ago. With the help and support of Book Country and the writing friends that I have acquired over the course of two years, I knew I could do this. Until I find that country of books, I’m happy writing and seeing my bugs fly.

Jaycee Ford on Book Country


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2 thoughts on “Jaycee Ford Publishes WATCHING FIREFLIES!

  1. Nat R

    So great to hear how your journey began! Thank goodness that two-year-ago self sat in front of that computer and got to ‘The End’.
    While we wait for that country made of books, I too will be content to see those bugs fly.
    Congratulations on taking that step Jaycee Ford!


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