What are Landmark Titles on Book Country?

Posted by January 3rd, 2014

As you explore the Book Country Genre Map, you’ll find a carousel of “Landmark Titles” on each genre page. Landmark Titles are books from each literary category and are often well-known and popular titles. We believe they’re the must-read books for each category.

High Epic Fantasy Genre Page on Book Country

As you are making your plans to improve your book this year, we suggest reading Landmark Titles in the same literary category as your own. This is a great way to learn about genre conventions, plot structure, characterization, voice, and all the other elements of a book that your audience is keenly aware of and that you want to appeal to.

High/Epic Fantasy Landmark Books on Book Country

Landmark books in the High/Epic Fantasy genre.

Another great reason to read Landmark Titles is because they also provide a wonderful primer for how books in your genre work as objects in the consumer marketplace. Take a long look at their covers. Parse their jacket copy and titles. Pay attention to the way the books are formatted on the printed or electronic page. The ways these books are presented to readers provide important examples of how to present your book to readers on Book Country, whether you are workshopping in the Book Country Peer Review, or you are preparing your eBook for publication.

Landmark Titles link to the publisher’s website where you can find information about where to purchase the book.



We know that there will be books that you love that aren’t listed as Landmark Titles. We’d love to have a conversation with you about it. Send us an email at support at bookcountry dot com.


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