New Waiting to Be Discovered Books!

Posted by June 26th, 2014

Waiting to Be Discovered Book Country

We’ve just updated our Waiting to Be Discovered section with new books for you to enjoy! Giving and receiving feedback are what make Book Country such a supportive online place for aspiring authors. Take a look at these titles below and get inspired!

  1. Run by Rachelle Legg
  2. In Plain Sight by Sephira Allen
  3. The People on the Bus by John W. Cohen
  4. The Magic Appreciation Society by Virage
  5. Awaking Arion by M. L. Mundy
  6. The False Rose by TimCaseyAuthor
  7. A Bloody Good Time in Merry Old England by I G Palmer
  8. Youngheart by Emily Wallmann
  9. Fish Camp on the River Road by Rob Emery
  10. The King’s Key by Jesse L. Cook

What are you reading this summer? Share in the discussion boards.

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3 thoughts on “New Waiting to Be Discovered Books!

  1. Robin M Candelario

    I read the False Rose this morning and left feedback for the author. Quite a few typos but great story and I did make several suggestions believing that they could help Tim enhance his story. Yesterday I added over 1,700 words to one of my own stories, so today I reviewed his before attacking my own again and redrafting it.

  2. Robert Briggs

    06 July, 2014

    Hello R.B. here and I just wanted to recommend a book by a Mr. B.J. Gillum titled ( Forget Me Nots ).
    This read has it all: villains, good guys, damsels in distress, crooked politicians, a budding romance
    plus all the excitement one could ask for even a couple of lawyers are involved.

    I am currently reading this book and I recommend it.

    MN1 Robert Briggs
    USN Retired


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