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Posted by August 25th, 2014

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What is the Book Country Rating System?

When you give a peer review on Book Country, the focus is to help the writer improve her work and writing skills. Unlike other websites where the rating system only indicates how much you liked a book, the Book Country “nib”rating system is primed to help you give comprehensive feedback and to help writers know how much work is needed to improve their manuscript. Below is a guide on how to rate books on Book Country.

 One Nib one 1  – Piece Needs Significant Redrafting

  • Many spelling and grammar mistakes
  • No clear plot or direction
  • Hard to understand the characters or what’s happening

Giving a book a “one” nib rating means that you didn’t get a clear sense of where the book was going. The plot was badly executed and the writer needs to go back to the drawing board. Giving a “one” nib rating is not easy, so it’s important that you explain clearly what exactly is not working in the book and offer suggestions on how the author can improve.

 Two Nibs 2 – Piece Needs Several More Drafts

  • Some spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Sense of plot, but not well thought out

A “two” nib rating indicates that major restructuring is needed to improve the story. It could that there are significant plot holes in the story and/or the story is not complex enough.  At this stage, it’s important to tell the author specifically what’s not working and offer suggestions on how the author can improve her writing.

Three Nibs  3 – Piece Needs Significant Revision

  • Couple of spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Decent plot, but still requires work
  • Key problems in multiple elements of the book including dialogue, pacing, setting, and characterization.

A “three” nib rating means that the book is good overall, but there are several things the writer needs to work on. Highlighting quotes from the book can help point out to the author where they can improve.

Four Nibs 4 – Piece Needs Some Editing and Minor Revisions

  •  Strong plot
  • Few spelling and grammatical errors
  • Book needs minor work

A “four” nib rating means that the book is strong overall. A few key elements in the story needs to be revised in order to improve the book as a whole.

Five Nibs 5 – Piece is Publication Ready

  • Strong and engaging plot and characters
  • Minimal spelling and grammatical errors
  • Similar in quality to published books in the same genre

A book with a “five”nib rating is ready to begin the publishing process. Nice!

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