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Posted by June 12th, 2014

Waiting to Be Discovered

A new set of Waiting to Be Discovered books is featured on the Read and Review page!

Every time we update the Waiting to Be Discovered carousel, we are always blown away by the diverse array of books we feature, and it’s all thanks to you! Here is a list of our Waiting to Be Discovered books:

  1. The Thief, the Guns, & the Planet  by Kevin James Miller
  2. Satan’s Lure by DJ Pizzarello   
  3. The So Good Girls  by Gary Horsman
  4. Sherina’s Quest  Romana Drew                                                             
  5. When She Wakes  by lindajames  
  6. Alone  by Dbl_Jay                        
  7. Awaking Arion  by M.L. Mundy        
  8. God’s Trailer Park Garden by Judy Peck        
  9. Dad, My Brother, and Me  by J.C. O’ Brien    
  10. Kallaway’s Conquest by Olivia Martin

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