Revealing the Science Fiction Flag

Posted by June 14th, 2013

Presenting the Science Fiction Flag!

ScienceFiction_ScifiOnce a writer chooses a genre on the map, it becomes a home. Science fiction writers, we wanted to give you a home that captures the immensity of the art that you create!

Science fiction seeks answers. It’s entrusted with the important function of imagining the future.

In some cases, it warns us about what might come to pass, projecting how human choice entwined with new technology could define—and possibly destroy—the world as we know it. It demands that we take into consideration ethical questions and issues to ensure that we preserve our humanity. Sci fi books serve a great purpose.

Science fiction goes further than just painting dark apocalyptic scenarios of the future.

It also imagines a better future, where we’ve managed to cure disease and solve world hunger. It imagines the kind of science and technology that will improve our world and make us better people, too.

And inspires the next generation of scientists and engineers, kids who huddle with a flashlight under the covers with their favorite science fiction writers, and so grow up thirsting to recreate them in their science lab.

That’s why we’ve selected the space saucer as your emblem. It is an image that inspires both fear and awe.

We fear the unknown, the dark menace of an alien invasion, but we also harbor great hopes for what’s “out there,” and that we are not lonely in the universe.

Science fiction writers, enjoy your new flag. You can fly it now by adding your science fiction books to Book Country today.


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