Romance Awareness Month: 5 Romance Projects to Read on Book Country

Posted by August 3rd, 2015

August is Romance Awareness Month! What better way to mark the occasion than by immersing yourself in a great love story? Here, we’ve highlighted five must-read Book Country romance manuscripts for you to peruse and enjoy. 


What-the-Earl-WantsWhat the Earl Wants by Tabetha Waite

A missing heirloom. A gambled away inheritance. These are just some of the elements of Tabetha Waite’s rolicking historical romance. The writer calls herself “a dreamer who was born just 200 years too late,” and we can see why: she has cooked up quite the riveting story. In this snippet from the novel, the main heroine, Miss Athena Hawthorne, has just found that nothing is left of her father’s estate, when she runs into a handsome stranger:

“Athena looked up, prepared to give the individual a proper set down for nearly running her over, but the retort instantly faltered when her gaze caught the expensive flash of a maroon, superfine coat of quality. Not only was that enough to give her pause, but the man above her was absolutely enormous! Tall and broad shouldered with a three layered greatcoat and top hat that only enhanced his size, his face was shadowed, but she could discern his intent stare as it lit on her—could feel it upon her skin. And when he spoke, it was with a rich, smooth timbre. ‘My apologies, miss. I’m afraid I was in a rush and didn’t see you.’”

Sometimes-MomentsSometimes Moments by Len Webster

The self-proclaimed “romance-loving Melburnian” has written a touching contemporary love story that’s worth a blissful afternoon of relaxation. One day Peyton Spencer wakes up to find that the boy who she believed was “the one” is about to leave town—and her—forever. Now, years later, he walks back into her life without a care in the world. She would never allow him her heart’s redemption. Could she? In the following passage, Peyton has just learned the devastating news:

“‘That’s it, you’re just up and moving to the city. That’s all it took. Two days and you changed your mind,’ she cried. She told him she loved him. He never said it back but he never pushed her away. That night they went to the lake. She gave him her innocence and told him that she loved him. Two days later, and he was leaving.”

The-Lacemakers-TaleThe Lacemaker’s Tale  by Paula C. Moss

This novel from British native Paula C. Moss is set in a beguiling period of English history, the first phase of the civil war (1644–1645) when King Charles I clashed with Parliament. Against this backdrop, there emerges the story of Lizzie Hardcastle, who rebels against her parents’ plans to marry her off. With the help of a young rebel army officer, she runs away from her Yorkshire homeland to try to make a new life for herself in London as a lacemaker. Soon, their paths become more deeply entangled than either one of them could ever imagine… Get to know Moss’s impetuous heroine through the passage below:

“Who was he to judge her? This was her place. On another day, at another time, she might have felt at one with the universe, soaring, powerful, and free. But she wasn’t. She’d stood on the edge of Applegarth Scar, her favourite place in all the world, the tiny part of it, at least, that she had so far been allowed to see; she’d stood as a woman in retreat, considering her options.”

The-Dark-PrinceThe Dark Prince by Emma V Leech

Here’s a captivating story steeped in the legends of the fae. When Laen, Prince of the Dark fae, is sent back through the forbidden gates between realms to retrieve an ancient fae artifact, he returns home with far more than he bargained for. Océane DeBeauvoir is an artist and bookbinder who has always relied on her lively imagination. The discovery of a jewelled dagger put on display at a nearby museum has inspired her to write the tale of The Dark Prince. But it soon becomes apparent that her story cannot be confined to the pages of a book… In this scene, Prince Laen appraises the woman he’s just abducted:

“He looked at the girl with distaste. Her clothes were cheaply made and shapeless, her hands ingrained with ink; the nails bitten to the quick. Next to his sister, comparably a bird of paradise, the girl looked like one of the tatty pigeons he had seen in the human city. He snorted at the thought, which drew her attention, her eyes flicking open and staring at him with undisguised horror. He thought briefly that he had done her a disservice, as her eyes were actually rather beautiful once open, very large, heavily lashed and a deep chocolate brown…rather like a cow. Before he had time to congratulate himself on the comparison, the girl had lashed out and kicked him in the knee with the heavy-soled leather boots she was wearing.”

Hornet’s NestHornets-Nest by Jaycee Ford

The New Orleans writer comes back with a steaming hot contemporary romance, third in her Love Bug series. In this book, you’ll meet Katherine Klein, the quintessential city girl. She’s been warned to stay far away from Lance Walton. For months, she’s been dodging his advances, but a moment of weakness changes everything… One question remains to be answered: does Lance have the country boy charm to break through the walls of Katherine’s heart and outshine the big city competition? The passage in which Lance captures Katherine’s attention for the first time is definitely worth a read:

“My eyes fell to the guy on his left. They wanted to linger for a moment longer than they should have. His floppy light brown hair was in utter disarray. A thick flannel shirt hung open, exposing a t-shirt, untucked from a pair of worn out jeans. I caught the sparkle of green as his eyes lifted. My stomach twisted as his gaze focused on me. Jordan warned me about this guy: the eternal womanizer.”

Happy reading and reviewing, and don’t forget to share your own romance novel recommendations below!


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