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Posted by July 1st, 2014


Ask an Agent Book Country

This July, Book Country will host a blog series called “Ask an Agent.” All throughout the month, you can post any question you want to ask to an agent in our discussion boards, and agents will answer those questions in future blog posts!

Literary agents help writers in every step of the publishing process, including contract negotiations, marketing, and cover design. The writer-agent relationship is incredibly important when going the traditional publishing route. We hope our “Ask an Agent” series help shed light on what you should look for in an agent and what to expect come publishing time!

Lucy Carson of Friedrich Agency will answer some of your submitted questions next week. This is a great opportunity to learn about publishing from an agent’s perspective, and improve your chances of publishing success.

Ask any question you have to an agent in the discussion boards!

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One thought on “Submit Your Questions for Our ‘Ask an Agent’ Blog Series!

  1. Tia Robinson

    I’ve been told by two professional editors that I should seek out an agent for my book instead of try to self publish. Because my memoir details the darker (along with the more profound) side of my involvement with a kind of enlightenment cult in this country, they both told me I would most likely be sued by the organization whose name I revealed in the book. They said I need to find an agent who is moved by the story enough to find a publisher who has a strong legal team. Since my intention at the beginning was to chronicle a spiritual journey, and not to get in a legal battle, I have been stuck for a year wondering what to do with my finished manuscript. I welcome any advice.


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