How to Add a Table of Contents on Book Country

Posted by June 2nd, 2014

Here’s how to add a Table of Contents to your manuscript or eBook on Book Country. Below I’ll walk you through the process by using a sample project (a recycled post I wrote for the Book Country blog).

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  • Once you are inside the manuscript editor, select the chapter heading and click on the highlighted button in the menu that looks like a little book:

Table of Contents Button on Book Country

  • The chapter heading will then look like this:

chapter 1

  • Add the rest of your chapter headings throughout the manuscript.

chapter 4 and 5

  • Next, click on “View TOC” (highlighted below) to see a preview of your Table of Contents:

chapter 4 and 5 w TOC previewer highlightedTOC preview

  • Click “post” once you’re done to push your manuscript live to the site and start getting reviews from fellow Book Country members!
  • If you’re posting your manuscript for feedback in the Book Country workshop, you can double check the way your TOC looks to your readers on the site. Navigate to the posted manuscript via your profile page and clicking on “Read and Review” to open it. Once you’re in the manuscript reader, select the drop down menu that says “Table of Contents.”

chapter navigation

  • You’ll be able to navigate to whichever chapter you’ve clicked on:

successfully jumps to chapter 4

Having a Table of Contents will enhance your readers’ experience of reading and reviewing your book on Book Country because they can easily come back to the place where they left off. A TOC will encourage members on the site to read and review more of your book.

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