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How to Publish Your Novel in Thirty Simple Steps! – By Andrea Dunlop

Posted by October 22nd, 2014

Andrea Dunlop, THE SOJOURNAbout a month ago, I received a call I felt like I’d been waiting for my whole life: a publisher was making an offer on my book. It was the middle of the day, and I was at work, so as soon as I got off the phone, I burst out of my office door and announced that Atria was buying my book. Cheers, hugs, and champagne followed (have I mentioned how awesome my co-workers are?). I called my mom, my dad, and my boyfriend. I cried tears of joy, relief, and sheer exhaustion. The moment itself was a lot like I’d dreamed it would be. And I’d had plenty of time to dream since, like so many of us, I’d wanted to be a writer most of my life.

But while the big moment was everything I’d hoped for, the path that got me to that moment was decidedly not. What follows is my step-by-step guide to publication, although I am not sure it is a guide anyone will want to follow. (Unless you really prefer twisting trails to straight roads.) Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Carl E. Reed is on NPR’s “On the Media”!

Posted by September 9th, 2013

carl_reed_authorOn Saturday, Book Country creator Molly Barton was a guest on NPR’s “On the Media” to talk about Book Country and the wonderful writers who are part of it. For the segment, she was joined by one of our titular members, Carl E. Reed, who shared his experience of the site with the “On the Media” audience. 

We thought Carl’s appearance on national radio was a good time to catch up with what’s been going on in his writing life. Be sure to check out the NPR interview—embedded below for your convenience—and share your impressions with Carl later. 


NG: You were our inaugural spotlight back in 2011. What’s new since we last chatted?

CR: I have a gained a television! And lost sixty pounds. I’m sure these two facts are in no way related. Or—dum-dum-da DUMMMM!—are they?

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