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Historical Fiction Author Amy Brill on Writing & Community

Posted by July 17th, 2013

Writer Amy Brill

Author Image: Christina Paige

Amy Brill is a New York City native whose first book, a historical fiction novel published by Riverhead, came out in April. THE MOVEMENT OF STARS is the story of a female astronomer in 1845 Nantucket and the unusual man who understands her dreams. Amy’s writing has also been published in SalonGuernica, and Time Out New York.

I met her at an industry event. She was incredibly sweet and game for the following impromptu interview.

NG: Thanks for being such a trooper and taking time to chat with me!! How did you become a writer?

AB: I became a writer through reading, which I think is probably true for a lot of writers.

I was a very early reader, and my Mom took me to the library pretty much constantly as a child. I just devoured books: there’s something magical about disappearing in the world of the story. I grew up in a very busy, very active neighborhood in Queens, and I think that something about having this incredible world that was completely mine was very appealing to me. I started writing at a very young age. I think I wrote my first “novel” when I was in fifth grade.

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