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Book Country Editor’s Picks for September

Posted by September 4th, 2014

Book Country September Editor's Pic

Every month, we at Book Country feature 10 manuscripts in the Editor’s Picks section. Reading great books inspires great writing. We hope reading and leaving feedback on your fellow members’ works will help you in your writing journey! Continue reading

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Read and Review Top Rated Books on Book Country

Posted by August 21st, 2014

Book Country Top Rated August Ten new books are featured in the Top Rated section on the Read and Review page. The insightful feedback you give to your peers helps make Book Country a supportive community for writers. We are excited to share with you the books that garnered so much positive feedback! Continue reading

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Jaycee Ford Publishes WATCHING FIREFLIES!

Posted by August 18th, 2014

Watching FirefliesWe are so excited for Book Country member Jaycee Ford! Tomorrow she is publishing her first book, WATCHING FIREFLIES. We are so proud that workshopping the book on Book Country was a part of her amazing journey.


Since I was young, I always knew that I wasn’t exactly bred for a normal life, but my life was like every other kid. I grew up and went to college. I partook in all of the normal college things, but there was something that I just didn’t know. I graduated in History because I loved History. I got married in my mid-twenties. I got a dog. I loved my life, but life was still … normal. Something was missing.

One Saturday, my husband was out fishing, and I was reading most likely my hundredth book of year. We were being normal. I didn’t finish the book and couldn’t tell you what it was. I pushed myself off of the sofa and turned on my computer. I sat in front of a blank Word doc and a blinking cursor. In that moment, I became a seat of your pants writer. I didn’t know it then, but my publishing journey had begun.

What! Continue reading

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Waiting to Be Discovered Books on Book Country

Posted by August 14th, 2014

Book Country Waiting to Be Discovered

A new set of Waiting to Be Discovered books is featured on the Read and Review page!

Every time we update the Waiting to Be Discovered carousel, we are always blown away by the diverse array of books we feature. All thanks to you! Here is a list of our Waiting to Be Discovered books: Continue reading

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Read Our Editor’s Picks for August!

Posted by August 7th, 2014

Book Country Editor's Picks We have chosen 10 Book Country books that we feel you all will love. Reading great books often leads to great writing! Continue reading

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Vince Salamone on Editing His Book SERAPHIM: GENESIS

Posted by August 1st, 2014

SERAPHIM: GENESISWhen it came to writing my recently self-published novel, SERAPHIM: GENESIS, daunting is the word that often comes to mind. Set in a world teetering on the edge of technological and medical evolution, GENESIS follows Jade Tetsumo, a disgraced Royal Marine haunted by a violent past and faced with a dangerous future when she is chosen to be part of the Seraphim, a six-man black-operations security force operated by the powerful Alighieri Bio-Solutions to protect the secretive and highly sensitive research contained there–but when a rogue geneticist forces the team into action, the past bleeds into the present and Jade realizes that the hardest battle to come might be from within.

The act of writing can be a harrowing and overwhelming task. Crafting characters, set pieces, events, histories, worlds, stories and plot; it can often feel like a titanic ordeal to get the ball rolling–and that’s just the prep work! Getting it all to work together is another story entirely and it’s something you won’t figure out until after you finish the first draft. When it came to my first write-up of GENESIS, there were bumps in the road but for the most part crafting that draft was organic and painless. After all, it was just my computer and I, content in the isolated flow of the creative stream. Continue reading

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Read and Review New Waiting to Be Discovered Books

Posted by July 31st, 2014

Book Country Waiting to Be Discovered

Creativity is abound this summer! The Book Country team has uploaded 10 new Waiting to Be Discovered books on the Read and Review page. We have quite a diverse mix including a memoir, a couple contemporary romances, and a story about an immortal empress-in-hiding trying to run away from dangerous religious zealots.

Read and review! Continue reading

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Read Book Country’s Top Rated Books!

Posted by July 24th, 2014

Book Country's Top Rated Books

The reviews don’t lie! Ten new highly lauded books in the Book Country community are featured in the Top Rated section of the Read and Review page. Find out why these books are so good and get inspired!

  1. DEAD BEFORE DYING by Kerry Schafer
  2. HOPE by James Blackford
  3. ROOM 303 by Greg Meritt
  4. RASH DECISIONS by A. Rosa
  5. THE THIEF, THE GUNS, AND THE PLANET by Kevin James Miller
  6. A TALE OF TWO SOULS by Talisha Harrison
  9. I REST MY CASE by Bill Barrett
  10. PROJECT APEX by Seth Durham


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New Editor’s Picks for July!

Posted by July 10th, 2014

Editor's Picks July

We are happy to announce the 10 new Editor’s Picks for July!

Everyday, we are impressed with your work on Book Country, and we want to share with you the 10 books that really stood out.

If you’re looking for a great story this weekend, read and review our Editor’s Picks!

  1. The First Nine by Linnea Ren
  2. Satan’s Lure by DJ Pizzarello
  3. Sly! The Rogue Reconsidered by Mimi Spieke
  4. The Romeo Catchers by AlysArden
  5. Order of the Garter by Jaycee Ford
  6. The Kings of Carnin: Rise of Ari by Dan Croutch
  7. The Sojourn by Andrea Dunlop
  8. The Outlands by Julie Artz
  9. Athena Charles by Ayesha Court
  10. Permutations in the Ribbon of Time by Rob Emery
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Submit Your Questions for Our ‘Ask an Agent’ Blog Series!

Posted by July 1st, 2014


Ask an Agent Book Country

This July, Book Country will host a blog series called “Ask an Agent.” All throughout the month, you can post any question you want to ask to an agent in our discussion boards, and agents will answer those questions in future blog posts!

Continue reading

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