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Shannon LC Cate’s Release of JACK: It Took a Community

Posted by September 20th, 2013

"Mama doesn't like boys, but Jack's not like most boys."

“Mama doesn’t like boys, but Jack’s not like most boys.”

Today is the book birthday of JACK (Musa Publishing) by Book Country veteran member Shannon LC Cate, who was recently a guest on our member spotlight. A book birthday—the day your book hits store shelves for the first time—is a momentous event in a writer’s life, and Shannon has chosen to celebrate it by acknowledging the people who have helped her along the way.

I will give the stage to Shannon now, but first, on behalf of the entire Book Country team:



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Author Interview with Barbara Rogan

Posted by August 8th, 2013

Barbara_RoganBarbara Rogan’s most recent offering, A DANGEROUS FICTION (Viking), is one of my favorite types of fiction–a coupling of literary and mysterious. The novel follows Jo Donovan, head of a prestigious New York literary agency and the widow of a renowned author. When a would-be client starts stalking Jo, she has to delve into the stories of real life that she’s carefully edited—or face the consequences.

Barbara Rogan and I sat down to talk more about the book.


I couldn’t stop thinking about how genre-bending A DANGEROUS FICTION is. Do you think genre taxonomy is important when it comes to publishing, and where does your book fit in that ecosystem?

“Genre” started out as publishing shorthand intended for the convenience of booksellers and reviewers, and I think its usefulness stops there. I don’t think of literary fiction as a category separate from other genres. My own books have been classified as literary fiction, women’s fiction, and mystery. Those deemed “literary fiction” are no better written than the others. I really don’t buy the whole dichotomy between literature and popular fiction. I see writing more as a continuum calibrated, not by genre, but by the quality of the writing.

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Member Spotlight: Meet Writer Kathleen Shaputis

Posted by July 29th, 2013

Kathleen ShaputisKathleen Shaputis is a Book Country writer from western Washington who is, in her own words,“well experienced in the headline lifestyles of the baby boomer generation.” She balances writing and professional speaking with a day job at a book printer. She’s the author of Gramma Online and The Crowded Nest Syndrome and the ghostwriter of a dozen books.

Kathleen sat down with us to talk about her newest book, HER GHOST WEARS KILTS, upcoming on August 26, 2013 from Crimson Romance.

 NG: Congratulations on selling HER GHOST WEARS KILTS to Crimson Romance! You must be really excited. Can you take us through the publishing deal?

KS: I had just started sending query letters for HGWK when fellow author Eva Shaw and I were both presenting at a conference earlier this year. Her second book with Crimson Romance, a new imprint with F&W Media (Writers Digest), was coming out in a few weeks and she encouraged me to submit a query request to her editor. “Pushed” may be a better word, and Eva followed up with an introduction email after my submission.

They asked for the entire manuscript but shortly after the editor moved to another publisher. I didn’t hear anything for weeks; then came a long list of changes. The manuscript was too chick-lit with too many side characters, not enough romance, but if I agreed to the changes, they would review the manuscript once I made them. I did and they sent a contract.

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Writing Mystery with Linda Rodriguez

Posted by June 13th, 2013

Every Broken Trust

“No one can be a really good writer without reading. A lot.” ~Linda Rodriguez

“No one can be a really good writer without reading. A lot.” ~Linda Rodriguez

We are thrilled to welcome mystery novelist Linda Rodriguez to Book Country. Linda’s second novel, Every Broken Trust (St. Martin’s Press/Minotaur Books), just hit the shelves with one reviewer calling it “one of the best traditional mysteries I’ve read this year.” Her first novel, Every Last Secret, won the Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Novel Competition, which got her a publishing deal. We’re talking with her about her mystery novels and writing success.

Nevena: Thanks for chatting with us, Linda. Congratulations on the publication of Every Broken Trust! How did the adventures of Skeet, your college campus police chief, come to you?

Linda: I had spent years as the director of a campus women’s center, and I had occasion to work with the campus police, so I knew that most colleges have real police forces. I wanted to make Skeet a campus police chief with a big-city homicide division background. As I explored her character to discover why she would have left the Kansas City Police Department for a campus force, her irascible father and possessive ex-husband sprang into life. The further I went into Skeet’s character, the more this world and these people came to life around me. Continue reading

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