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Member Spotlight: Meet Writer Kathleen Shaputis

Posted by July 29th, 2013

Kathleen ShaputisKathleen Shaputis is a Book Country writer from western Washington who is, in her own words,“well experienced in the headline lifestyles of the baby boomer generation.” She balances writing and professional speaking with a day job at a book printer. She’s the author of Gramma Online and The Crowded Nest Syndrome and the ghostwriter of a dozen books.

Kathleen sat down with us to talk about her newest book, HER GHOST WEARS KILTS, upcoming on August 26, 2013 from Crimson Romance.

 NG: Congratulations on selling HER GHOST WEARS KILTS to Crimson Romance! You must be really excited. Can you take us through the publishing deal?

KS: I had just started sending query letters for HGWK when fellow author Eva Shaw and I were both presenting at a conference earlier this year. Her second book with Crimson Romance, a new imprint with F&W Media (Writers Digest), was coming out in a few weeks and she encouraged me to submit a query request to her editor. “Pushed” may be a better word, and Eva followed up with an introduction email after my submission.

They asked for the entire manuscript but shortly after the editor moved to another publisher. I didn’t hear anything for weeks; then came a long list of changes. The manuscript was too chick-lit with too many side characters, not enough romance, but if I agreed to the changes, they would review the manuscript once I made them. I did and they sent a contract.

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