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How to Create a Digital Footprint On Book Country

Posted by May 21st, 2014

Now that our lives are becoming more digitally based, we often find books by searching rather than browsing. That’s why it is so important for Book Country members–whether you are workshopping your manuscript on Book Country or you’ve published your book–to learn how to create a digital footprint. This will increase your readership and sales because it reduces the time it takes a potential reader to get to your book or manuscript–leaving more time for the fun part: reading your book!

how to create a digital footprint on book country


What does it mean to create a digital footprint?

You want to make it so that any reader who might possibly be interested in reading your work will be able to find out more about it on the Internet.


  • Use your writing name consistently. Whether it’s the name you were born with, your married name, or a pen name you chose yourself, use the same name across all of your writing and social media platforms. If Book Country members get to know you on the Discussion Boards, then head over to the Bookstore to find your published eBook, they’ll likely search for you by what you call yourself within the community. If your Display Name doesn’t match the author name on your eBook, this potential reader will run into confusing search results, and might give up trying to find you. Similarly, if a member who read and loved your manuscript and wants to give you a shout-out on Twitter, it will be hard to find you if you use a completely different name as your handle. Continue reading
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