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Member Spotlight: Meet Writer Alexandria Brim

Posted by June 3rd, 2013

Book Country Member Spotlight Q&A

“When I was younger, I’d read about history and feel as if it always happened somewhere else.”


Alexandria Brim is a historical fiction writer from Staten Island. She combines her love for history and fiction into one with her writing. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) as well as Hearts Through History, a subgroup devoted to those who write historical romances. She also joined the Summer Writer’s Club challenge. 



Nevena: Welcome to the spotlight, Alexandria. Why do you write?

Alexandria: And we start with a philosophical question! Just kidding. I tell people it’s a compulsion because it really is. Twitchy fingers urging to hold a pen or fly across a keyboard, stories pouring forth. Characters to create, worlds to build, plots to agonize over. It’s fun, it’s frustrating, but in the end, it’s what I do.

Nevena: I love your writer’s manifesto! But how do you fit writing into your life?

: I try to fit it in whenever I can, usually late at night—thank goodness for insomnia. When I’m busy, I sometimes carry a notebook with me. Last year at AnimeNext, a convention dedicated to all things anime and manga, I spent some time sitting on the floor writing while a few friends made some purchases. My friends and I had cosplayed, so people wanted pictures. Thankfully, I had dressed as a child character, so no one cared that I took pictures on my knees. This way I could keep writing until the last possible moment, and then resume the minute they walked away. Continue reading

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