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A Downton Abbey Special: Wendy Wax on Writing about Downton Fans

Posted by January 2nd, 2014


The New Year is bringing us a new Downton Abbey season starting on January 5th. And while we’re stocking up on pop corn and squeeing with excitement about the Sunday premiere, we also thought we needed to do something special on the blog to celebrate the return of Downton to our screens.

Last year, we talked about the controversial and tragic Season 3 finale. Now we’re gearing for the new season with a guest post from author Wendy Wax, whose novel WHILE WE WERE WATCHING DOWNTON ABBEY has riveted many a Downton fan. Here she’s talking about how writing with a Downton Abbey backdrop has changed the way she thinks about her readers. 


I try not to think about my readers too much while I’m writing. Not because I don’t care about or appreciate them—I do!—but because worrying about how a reader might react to a character, scene or even a bit of dialogue can—and has!—caused my word flow to screech to a halt.

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