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Read Our Editor’s Picks for August!

Posted by August 7th, 2014

Book Country Editor's Picks We have chosen 10 Book Country books that we feel you all will love. Reading great books often leads to great writing! Continue reading

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New Editor’s Picks for July!

Posted by July 10th, 2014

Editor's Picks July

We are happy to announce the 10 new Editor’s Picks for July!

Everyday, we are impressed with your work on Book Country, and we want to share with you the 10 books that really stood out.

If you’re looking for a great story this weekend, read and review our Editor’s Picks!

  1. The First Nine by Linnea Ren
  2. Satan’s Lure by DJ Pizzarello
  3. Sly! The Rogue Reconsidered by Mimi Spieke
  4. The Romeo Catchers by AlysArden
  5. Order of the Garter by Jaycee Ford
  6. The Kings of Carnin: Rise of Ari by Dan Croutch
  7. The Sojourn by Andrea Dunlop
  8. The Outlands by Julie Artz
  9. Athena Charles by Ayesha Court
  10. Permutations in the Ribbon of Time by Rob Emery
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Member Spotlight: Meet Middle Grade Writer Sherrie Petersen

Posted by June 17th, 2014

Member Spotlight: Sherrie PetersenToday we are talking to Book Country member Sherrie Petersen, whose book WISH YOU WEREN’T is a June Editor’s Pick. Connect with Sherrie on Book Country, and read on to find out more about her experience with beta readers, designing her own cover, and why she loves writing for middle graders. 


Lucy Silag: Congrats on publishing your first book, WISH YOU WEREN’T. Tell us the story of how the book came to be, and how you brought it into the world.

Sherrie Petersen: I wrote the first page of this story several years back after watching stars with my kids one night. It was right before a writer’s conference where I had the chance to get feedback from an agent, an editor and an author. (Someone else read the page out loud, thankfully!) All three of them loved the voice, the setting, the mood that page evoked – they wanted to read more. That totally encouraged me to keep going. And despite many rewrites, the first page has stayed essentially the same. Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Meet Military Thriller Writer John Franklin

Posted by June 13th, 2014

John Franklin on Book CountryToday we are talking to Book Country member John Franklin, whose book SIERRA OVERDRIVE is a June Editor’s Pick. Connect with John on Book Country, and read on to find out more about his book and how he’s using Book Country to write and revise a story that’s been thinking about for ten years.


Lucy Silag: How did you find out about Book Country? What made you want to be a part of the community?

John Franklin: I first heard about Book Country on National Public Radio. I’d had an idea for a novel that had been rattling around in my head for probably ten years. I decided that if I could write some of it out I could put it up on Book Country so people could read it. If it got good reviews I would keep working on it. If it got bad reviews I would at least be taking on a new challenge. I didn’t know if I had enough talent to write a story that people would want to read but I really wanted to try. Sometimes I’m still surprised I had the courage to put it out where people could read it. People I don’t even know! Continue reading

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New Book Country Editor’s Picks for June!

Posted by June 5th, 2014

Book Country Editor's Picks June 2014

Every month, we at Book Country feature 10 manuscripts in the “Editor’s Picks” carousel. Reading great books inspires great writing. We hope reading and leaving feedback on your fellow members’ works will help you in your writing journey!

Editor’s Picks for June 2014

Revising you manuscript? Share your thoughts (or let off steam) in the discussion boards!

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