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Flights of Fantasy

Posted by June 5th, 2013

A Taste of Book Country 2.0

Here comes the new Book Country fantasy flag!


In the Acacia fantasy series I’m reading now, the heroine, the warrior Mena, flies on her winged creature Elya to achieve new heights, find new worlds in the blue empyrean. Elya is her friend, protector, and healer. She helps her fulfill her destiny.

Fantasy writers, we want to give you a dragon upon whose wings your fancy can fly while writing! With the help of whom you can reach out for your destiny.

Fantasy books are a place of refuge and reimagining. They are not bound by reality, but contain within them thousand of worlds and creatures; they house within their pages thousands of possibilities and dreams. Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Meet Writer Timothy Maguire

Posted by May 28th, 2013

Book Country Member Spotlight Q&A

timothy_maguire_writerThe simple act of creating your own setting can often give you hundreds ideas for unique stories you can tell.

Timothy Maguire has been writing for years; he’s finally gotten to the point where he thinks he’s onto something. He lives in Leicester in the UK with some friends and a lot of books. He’s been using Book Country for years, and is probably best known for his “Science!” thread, explaining various bizarre parts of current scientific understanding.

So, if you want to know more about time travel, energy, string theory, or black holes, head out to the discussion forum!

Nevena: Thanks for joining us, Timothy. Why did you become a writer?

Timothy: I started writing ‘seriously’ when I was still in school. I borrowed David Weber’s Heirs to Empire (the last book in a trilogy, so, of course, I read it first) from the library, and I found myself thinking, “This is what I’d write.” From there it’s simply been a forgone conclusion that I’d be a writer.

Nevena: How do you fit writing into your life?

Timothy: Badly. I’m not the best organized of people at the best of time, so I tend to crowbar it in wherever I can. Ordinarily, I can be found pecking away at my laptop during lunch breaks or when I’m supposed to be socializing. When I’m up against some sort of self-imposed deadline, I head out of the house to a coffee shop or the local park to work until my battery dies. Continue reading

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