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What 10 Landmark Books Taught Me About Writing

Posted by July 29th, 2015

Knowing your book’s category is essential to finding an audience. That’s why we created the Genre Map, a visual representation of all literary categories on Book Country. For every category, we carefully curated a selection of Landmark Books, titles that we think best exemplify the tropes and conventions of each genre. Revisiting the Genre Map recently made me think back on our process deciding which books to include as well as the writing lessons that each of them has to impart. Below, I’ve highlighted ten books that have not only improved my understanding of the craft of writing but that also happen to be some of my favorite!

AcaciaAcacia by David Anthony Durham

Landmark Book for High/Epic Fantasy

This book has taught me that a great fantasy writer is an architect of worlds. With Acacia, you start with one idea of the dimensions of the trilogy’s universe, and every subsequent book makes shocking revelations about its actual scale and nature. David Anthony Durham executes this by building a solid foundation: he plants the seeds early on, so that once he lifts up the curtain, you realize there’s no other way the story could have gone.

The-Girl-on-the-TrainThe Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Landmark Book for Psychological Thriller

Hawkins takes the “psychological” in psychological thriller to a new level with the unreliable narrator of Rachel, a woman whose life has been wrecked by depression and alcoholism. As a character, she’s both compelling yet utterly untrustworthy, making The Girl on the Train a masterwork of misdirection. If you’re looking for well-executed narration, look no further than Hawkins’s chiller.

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4 Reasons Writers Should Use the Book Country Genre Map

Posted by July 14th, 2014

Why is Genre Important?

This might seem like a no brainer, but you should spend considerable time deciding the best genre for your book. Readers often choose books based on genre, and you want to make sure you’re presenting your book to a receptive audience. When pitching your book to an agent, understanding your genre can help you show how your book fits within genre conventions, and how it will appeal to a targeted audience.

What is the Book Country Genre Map?

Book Country Genre Map

The Genre Map can be found under the Read and Review tab. The map showcases the 60+ genres that we have here on Book Country.  On the left hand side, we have the fiction genres including Romance, Mystery, and New Adult. On the right hand side are the Young Adult and Middle Grade genres. And on the bottom we have the Nonfiction genres. With this dynamic map, you can clearly see the range of genres available to you, and you can begin to explore which genre is right for your book.

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