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Give the Gift of Writing Feedback Review Challenge

Posted by December 2nd, 2014

‘Tis the season for gifting! What better gift to give a writer than detailed, honest, and constructive feedback on their work-in-progress?

Give the Gift of Writing Feedback


That’s why we’re launching a new challenge this month: Give the Gift of Writing Feedback! Pledge to review four books on Book Country this month, and give your writing community the feedback they need to make their books better in the new year.

How does it work?

  1. Head over to this discussion thread and make your pledge!
  2. Throughout the month of December, review four Book Country books (one for each week of the month). Find books via other members who’ve taken the pledge, browse this month’s Featured Manuscripts, or explore the Book Country Genre Map to find books in the genres you love!
  3. Read and review at least three chapters of the work-in-progress.
  4. Remember, you can save your review for later. Just don’t forget to post it by New Year’s Eve, or you won’t have won the challenge! 🙂
  5. Support others who’ve taken the pledge–connect with them on Book Country and social media, comment on their review with thanks, comments, and questions, and return the gift of feedback by reviewing their book!
  6. Share the feedback you are giving or receiving on social media by using the hashtag #GiftofWritingFeedback. We’ll cheer you on!

Happy reviewing–and thank YOU for giving the gift of writing feedback to your community!

Questions? Email us at support@BookCountry.com.

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New Waiting to Be Discovered Books!

Posted by June 26th, 2014

Waiting to Be Discovered Book Country

We’ve just updated our Waiting to Be Discovered section with new books for you to enjoy! Giving and receiving feedback are what make Book Country such a supportive online place for aspiring authors. Take a look at these titles below and get inspired!

  1. Run by Rachelle Legg
  2. In Plain Sight by Sephira Allen
  3. The People on the Bus by John W. Cohen
  4. The Magic Appreciation Society by Virage
  5. Awaking Arion by M. L. Mundy
  6. The False Rose by TimCaseyAuthor
  7. A Bloody Good Time in Merry Old England by I G Palmer
  8. Youngheart by Emily Wallmann
  9. Fish Camp on the River Road by Rob Emery
  10. The King’s Key by Jesse L. Cook

What are you reading this summer? Share in the discussion boards.

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Connecting with Members on Book Country

Posted by August 20th, 2013

Connecting imageOne of the aspects of Book Country that we’re most excited about is the expansion on what it means to connect with one another on the site.

Before, you could “Follow” as well as “Connect” with other members on the site. When following a member, you would receive updates on their site activities, such as uploading a new book or responding to a discussion, but you wouldn’t be able to see those members’ connections or the books that they were following, or even read their full manuscripts. Most importantly, the person you were following wouldn’t know that you were interested in building a connection with them. We wanted to change that so members could seek more meaningful relationships with each other.

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