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Gratitude for Writers by Allison Carmen

Posted by November 26th, 2014


We all have heard stories of authors getting dozens of rejection letters before their book was finally picked up. How can writers stay motivated in the face of so much uncertainty? Allison Carmen, author of THE GIFT OF MAYBE, which is published by Perigee, shares how embracing gratitude can help writers overcome fear and rejection. 


My friend Stacey and I took a walk the other day to clear our heads after a morning of writing in solitude. Stacey had written a novel that she submitted to several publishers through her agent. So far all she had received back were rejections. Stacey confided that she felt terrible that people did not seem to be appreciating her work and said she was starting to lose hope about her writing career. Those of us who are writers know this feeling. We write something that for us is so moving for us and yet we can’t get an agent, a book deal or even a blog post in an online magazine. Continue reading

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