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Book Country’s Rebecca Hamilton Reaches International Audience with THE FOREVER GIRL

Posted by November 7th, 2013

Rebecca Hamilton author photoWe are so excited for Book Country member Rebecca Hamilton and all the great stuff that is happening with her Top Rated Book Country book THE FOREVER GIRL. Published in the US by Immortal Ink Publishing, Rebecca recently shared with us the happy news that her book has been translated into both German and Hungarian, and is now for sale in both of those countries. (In Germany you can find DAS EWIGE MÄDCHEN from Mira-Taschenbuch/Harlequin-Darkiss; and in Hungary, AZ ÖRÖKLÉTŰ is published by IPC Mirror Könyvek. and sold on Könyvtündér.) We caught up with Rebecca to find out more about how she’s finding an international audience for her books.

Congrats on publishing FOREVER GIRL in both Germany and Hungary. What a milestone for you as an author! Will you shed some light on the intricacies of foreign publishing: What was the most exciting part of the publishing journey, and what surprised you the most about how things work abroad? Das Ewige Maedchen.

Thank you! There’s so much involved and, at the same time, my agent made it very easy. He found me the deals, sent them to me, we discussed, I signed, they paid me, and we moved on! The publishers there are very hands on, too, and move FAST. It feels like my Hungarian release happened in the blink of an eye! I talk to the my publishers sometimes, and they give me support in marketing overseas. DARKISS (Harlequin) in Germany has even arranged for me to have an article published in a major magazine over there, and they have had huge two-page advertisements out in the book fairs. They are very kind to their authors.

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