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Celebrate National Library Week with Us!

Posted by April 16th, 2013

Share your library story with Book Country. 


It should come as no surprise that the Book Country staff loves books.

We wanted to celebrate National Library Week (14 – 20) in a special and meaningful way, and invite you to join us.

We have personal relationships with our libraries. For us, they’re associated with our love of books and storytelling. So let’s share these stories! As writers, you are master storytellers: tell us your library story.

Feel free to download the above image and share it—on your blog, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook page, or other social media outlet of your choice—with your story or snippet about what libraries mean to you. Recount a childhood memory about the magic of going to the library. Thank your favorite librarian. Tell us why you love them.

Okay, I’ll start: As some of you may know, English is not my first language. What this means is that I didn’t grow up with the same books you grew up with: relatively few English books are translated into Bulgarian, and even fewer originals find their way into Bulgarian bookstores. What I had at my disposal was my hometown’s library Foreign Language branch, which is the size of my bedroom in Astoria.

There couldn’t have been more than a few hundred titles in there, but they were enough to introduce me to wonderful writers and books and fan a hidden fire. I want to thank the two librarians who maintained those shelves, recommended books, and started me on the literary journey that I’m still on today.

Thank you!

Now it’s your turn. Download the image above or pin it from Pinterest. Share links to your reader thanks posts in the comments below. On Twitter, use hashtag #librarylove to join the celebration.

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