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Book Lovers Day: 6 Members Share the Titles That Have Inspired Them

Posted by August 10th, 2015

Yesterday was Book Lovers Day, and we couldn’t miss this chance to celebrate all the bibliophiles out there. We know that writers are also passionate readers, so we asked several Book Country members to tell us about one book that has inspired their writing. Their answers not only reflect the diversity we have here on the site but also make up a great list of reading suggestions for you to sample. Enjoy!


Time to WriteDJ Lutz: Time to Write 

Kelly L. Stone’s Time to Write offers a retort to many of the most common excuses used by novice writers to justify procrastination. The easy-to-read text speaks to me as a writer with potential, not as a poor student (which I was) or worse yet, a slacker (how I often see myself). The short chapters each identify a common problem, offer a solution or two, and then present a few real-world examples of successful writers who have overcome the obstacle. It is a quick read, yet full of numerous a-ha moments that can resonate with writers of all ability levels. Featuring more than a hundred writers, the book’s mantra states—if these writers can find the time to write, so can you. And I have!


The Stand

Lynn Montagano: The Stand

I read The Stand for the first time when I was in high school and it completely captivated me. The depth of the characters, the setting, the massive storyline. All of it made me want to write something completely character driven. For me, an author’s job is to transport a reader and make them feel like they’re right there in the middle of the story. Stephen King does a great job with that.




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Member Spotlight: Meet Romance Writer Lynn Montagano

Posted by May 19th, 2014

Lynn Montagano, Book Country member since 2012, has just published her debut romance novel, CATCH MY BREATH! Lynn shares her advice to writers workshopping their books on Book Country. Connect with Lynn!

Lynn MontaganoJanet Umenta: On your Book Country profile page, you note that you are an avid traveler. In CATCH MY BREATH, you take the reader to amazing places such as Glasgow, Scotland and London, England. How did your traveling experience help you write such vivid descriptions in your novel?

Lynn Montagano: The traveling bug first bit me when I was young and my parents took my brother and I to Disney World. The whole experience amazed me: the airplane, being somewhere that wasn’t home, meeting new people, etc. I’m from a small town in Rhode Island so venturing away from there sparked something in me. Continue reading

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