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Win Margaret Atwood’s Postapocalyptic Trilogy!

Posted by November 19th, 2013

maddaddam_sweepstakes_image_finalThis week we’re celebrating dystopian and postapocalyptic fiction, and we knew we had to talk about one of the genre’s biggest names: Margaret Atwood.

I first encountered Atwood’s work in a college class called “Post-collapse and Postapocalyptic fiction.” Out of the eight books assigned in the course, three were Atwood’s! While that reflects my professor’s utter devotion to her writing, it’s also a testament to the vast array of issues and themes that she explores in her body of work — no single novel could tell the full story of her contribution to the dystopian/postapocalyptic fiction genre.

The MaddAddam trilogy, which just came to an end a few months ago with MADDADDAM, shows how man-made environmental cataclysms can cause unimaginable devastation and wipe out the social order as we know it. With her brilliant cautionary tales, Atwood imagines what could be if present social and environmental problems spiraled out of control, unattended. This is postapocalyptic writers’ hardest task — acting as our internal barometers.

Thanks to our colleagues at Doubleday Publishing, we can give a copy of Margaret Atwood’s entire MaddAddam trilogy to one lucky Book Country member!

To enter our sweepstakes, tweet your Book Country username to us @BookCountry on Twitter. Use the hashtag #winbookcountry so we can see your entry. We’ll draw a winner at random.

Here’s the Sweepstakes’ official page, where you can read the full rules.

Good luck and happy (postapocalyptic) writing!

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