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The Making of a Bestseller: How Penguin’s Lisa Kelly Promoted THE 5TH WAVE

Posted by November 12th, 2013

5thwaveBack in January, our colleagues from Young Readers sent us a copy of a new YA postapocalyptic novel that they were really excited about: THE 5TH WAVE. I looked at the slick cover, saw that it was about an alien invasion, and was immediately hooked; and being the sucker that I am for a good dystopian/postapocalyptic novel, I devoured it in three days! I was not at all surprised when THE 5TH WAVE debuted on the New York Times bestseller list upon its publication six months later.

Today we’re joined by Assistant Marketing Director Lisa Kelly, one of the main figures behind THE 5TH WAVE’s promotional campaign, and we’re talking to her about how she and her team launched the book into the world–and made it a bestseller. ~NG


NG: How did you foster excitement for the THE 5TH WAVE months before its publication?

LK: It started with the first 70 pages we got to read from the author. We were all universally drawn in, and we immediately knew it was special. We also knew that we only had to get people to read those 70 pages to hook them. So our early strategy revolved around that idea and grew from there.

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Getting Writing Feedback on Book Country

Posted by September 10th, 2013

how_to_find_readers_on_bookcountryYou’re new to the site. Perhaps you’ve already checked out our post about how to get started on Book Country, browsed through our FAQs, and you’ve checked out our video tutorials. You’ve given writing feedback to one project on Book Country and have uploaded your own. Now the waiting game begins. “How do I get people to read and review my book?” you wonder. There are several ways. Read on.

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