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Book Country Member Spotlight: Meet Fantasy Writer Amber Wolfe

Posted by February 25th, 2015

Book Country Member Spotlight: Meet Fantasy Writer Amber WolfeAmber Wolfe joined Book Country in July 2014 and is currently workshopping SCARLET CRIMSON and DESTINY’S BOND. Both titles have been featured in Book Country’s Top Rated and Editor’s Picks sections. Amber is wonderfully supportive to fellow members in the discussion boards, and it’s been great to see her writing evolve. In this Q&A, Amber shares what inspired her to start writing fantasy novels.


Janet Umenta: The fight scenes in DESTINY’S BOND are intense! Did you refer to any guide or book while you were writing them?

Amber Wolfe: Actually, yes. My inspiration for fight scenes comes from other fantasy novels I’ve read, where battles are intense and heated. I try to draw off the knowledge of the authors who wrote the books, what made their fight scenes so fascinating and fun to read. Then I go from there and hope for the best. My imagination and my characters usually take care of the rest.

JU: You list several favorite writers on your Book Country profile page, including Anne Bishop. Have you incorporated any of their writing styles into your own books?

AW: Oh, Anne Bishop is my favorite author! I do like to think a bit of her style has leaked into my own. She’s an inspiration to me. In fact, it was while reading the last book of her TIR ALAINN series that I had an epiphany of how to rework the second half of DESTINY’S BOND. I can make the series move along much faster if I go about the redrafting right. Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Meet Writer Ian Cohen

Posted by July 22nd, 2013

inc2Ian Nathaniel Cohen is a Book Country writer, and has a number of writing projects of different genres in various states of progress, ranging from historical adventure fiction to fantasy to mysteries. His first complete manuscript is The Brotherhood of the Black Flag, which he’s currently shopping to agents.

NG: How did you find your calling as a writer?

IC: Writing is something that I’ve always liked doing, and I’ve always had story ideas floating around in my head. I started writing fanfiction in college, using it to practice writing stories in various genres – romantic comedy, adventure, drama, and so on. Also, as a Radio/Television major, I was better at conceptualizing and the writing aspects than any technical production aspect. Then at some point after college, particularly when I was job hunting, I decided I’d take the various ideas I had for stories and have a real go at turning them into novels.

NG: You’re a history buff: you read and write historical fiction. What is it about “history” that wakens the muse in you?

IC: History is full of intrigues, triumphs, tragedies, and adventures that many people aren’t aware ever happened that are just as exciting as any work of fiction, if not more so. It’s interesting as a writer to spotlight less mainstream historical eras or events, and use them as the basis for adventure fiction. I also hope that a reader might find a less familiar historical setting more unique.

Oh, and it’s easier to work swordfights into historical fiction than a contemporary setting.

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