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The Regency Romance Flag

Posted by May 15th, 2013

A Taste of What’s Coming to the New Book Country

I’m so pleased to get to show you the first of many of the exciting changes coming to Book Country.


This is the gorgeous new drawing for Regency Romance.

Once writers choose a genre (or a genre chooses you), it becomes a home. It’s where writers spend days and nights creating characters and stories for the world to embrace. Your genre is the country filled with people who love to read and write what you do.

Every country needs a flag.

While we love the current genre map, we wanted to give you a flag that you could hold high as you imagine your book. A flag that could become your calling card as you connect with other writers just like you. A flag that you could carry as you workshop your book and navigate peer review. A flag that could fly outside your home as you hold your published book in your hands.

That’s what we’re unveiling today. Regency Romance writers, we hope you like your new flag.

I’ll share more in the upcoming weeks.

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